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We're glad you found our little home on the internet. NorCal Thrills is the best fan site on the web for CGA, SFDK and other parks in the Bay Area. We're not affiliated with the parks and plan on using this independence to give you honest and real coverage of what the parks did great and what they didn't. We launched NorCal Thrills to be different. Let me tell you what you won't see here. No generic looking site. The NCT site has personality (just wait until Halloween rolls around next year). All of our code is custom written for this site only. No just reposting press releases. Our site is already full of a ton of information and pictures and we only plan on adding more. You can expect the best coverage of the goings on at the great parks we have here. You can expect high quality photography and videography. We take pride in the quality of our work.


We were founded in December 2019 after noticing that no fan sites existed for the amazing Bay Area parks. After a few months of development of our custom site, we launched our site as the most technically advanced coaster fan site ever!

NorCal Thrills By the Numbers

  • 11/30/2019 launch date
  • 243000+ lines of code
  • 5000 total images