A classic looping steel roller coaster


Demon is an Arrow looping coaster originally opened with the park as Turn of the Century in 1976. In 1980, a demon repossessed the ride after the park missed payments for the ride (yep, that's the actual story), and two vertical loops as well as rockwork were added to the ride, making it one of the first coasters with 4 inversions. Strap yourself in for a historic, thrilling ride on Demon!

Intensity Guide

Demon Intensity

Demon gets a 3/5 intensity. Although Demon used to be one of the most intense rides in the park, Demon currently sits in the mid tier of Great America's rides. It does feature 4 inversions (2 loops and 2 corkscrews) which are somewhat intesne but isn't quite as intense as Flight Deck or Railblazer. If you're more than comfortable with Gold Striker and Grizzly but not ready for Patriot and willing to go upside down, then Demon is perfect for you!



Height: 102 ft
Speed: 50 mph
Length: 2130 ft
Steepness: 54*
Inversions: 4
Duration: 1:40
Drop: 90 ft
Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
Opening Date: 5/20/1976


  • Located in the County Fair area of the park
  • Originally opened in 1976 as Turn of the Century
  • Converted to Demon for 1980 season
  • Has a twin coaster, also named Demon, at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee IL