Flight Deck

An inverted looping roller coaster


Originally opening as Top Gun (yep, named after the Tom Cruise movie), Flight Deck has been thrilling guests for more than 25 years! With a reputation as one of the most underrated coasters in the Bay Area, this ride features 3 inversions and an intense finale over the water.

Intensity Guide

Flight Deck Intensity

Flight Deck gets a 5/5 intensity. Although it doesn't look tall, Flight Deck features incredibly intense inversions and maneuvers. Like most early B&M inverted coasters, Flight Deck features high positive and lateral G forces throughout its course. For this reason, Flight Deck is recommended for only the most seasoned thrill seekers!



Height: 102 ft
Speed: 50 mph
Length: 2260 ft
Inversions: 3
Duration: 2:26
Drop: 91 ft
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Opening Date: 3/19/1993


  • Located in the Orleans Place area of the park
  • Opened in 1993
  • Renamed to Flight Deck after the 2006 season
  • Featured in an Excedrin commercial