Gold Striker

A wooden twister roller coaster


Gold Striker is a GCI wooden coaster that opened in 2013. Located in the front of the park, Goldstriker greets guests and takes them on a wild ride. Featuring plenty of crossovers, twists and turns and airtime, Gold Striker is without a doubt one of the best coasters at the park!

Intensity Guide

Gold Striker Intensity

Gold Striker gets a 2.5/5 intensity. Gold Striker lacks the intense forces found in the inversions of other rides but still gives a fast ride with some lateral forces. The ride seems much faster than it actually is by featuring low to the ground twists and turns. Intensity-wise, Gold Striker is a step up from Grizzly but not quite at the level of Demon.



Height: 108.2 ft
Speed: 53.7 mph
Length: 3197 ft
Inversions: 0
Duration: 2:30
Manufacturer: Great Coasters International
Opening Date: 5/31/2013


  • Located in the Celebration Plaza area of the park
  • Widely considered one of the top wooden coasters in the country