A floorless looping steel roller coaster


With fresh blue track and filled with inversions, Patriot is one of the top coasters at California's Great America. Originally opening as Vortex, a standup coaster, Patriot underwent a refurbishment before the 2017 season to transform it to a floorless coaster. Now instead of standing for theis twisted course, you'll be sitting with your feet dangling over the track as it rushes by!

Intensity Guide

Patriot Intensity

Patriot gets a 4/5 intensity. Patriot features 2 intense inversions throughout its course. Even though it has less inversions than Demon, Patriot's inversions hit harder and are overall more intense. However, it isn't quite as intense as Flight Deck or Railblazer. This is a good introdution to the more intense coasters in the park.


Height: 91 ft
Speed: 45 mph
Length: 1920 ft
Inversions: 2
Duration: 2:14
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Opening Date: 3/9/1991


  • Located in the Hometown Square area of the park
  • Originally opened in 1991 as Vortex, a standup coaster
  • Reopened in 2017 as Patriot, a floorless coaster
  • Vortex was B&M's second coaster ever built