An intense inverting steel roller coaster


Railblazer is the newest and wildest coaster to open at California's Great America. Although it doesn't look that tall, don't let it fool you since Railblazer will give you the wildest ride you've ever experienced. This is absolutely a must ride for roller coaster fanatics!

Intensity Guide

Railblazer Intensity

Railblazer gets a 5/5 intensity. Although it lacks the height of other coasters in other parks, Railblazer is one of the most intense coasters in the world. This ride features several moments of intense airtime and positive gs. Featuring vertical drops and several intense inversions, this ride (along with Flight Deck) is the most intense at the park. If you want to increase the intensity even further, sit in the back seat and prepare to be whipped over the drops and airtime hills.


Height: 106 ft
Speed: 52 mph
Length: 1800 ft
Steepness: 90*
Inversions: 3
Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction
Opening Date: 6/14/2018


  • Located in the County Fair area of the park
  • The first single rail roller coaster
  • Has a mirrored clone at Six Flags Fiesta Texas