Batman: The Ride

A 4D roller coaster


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's newest ride is sure to throw you for a loop! Named after the Caped Crusader himself, strap yourself in as Batman uses you to test his newest vehicle. As you hang over the side of the track, you'll get flipped upside down several times. Every ride is different since the amount the ride cars flip is based on rider's weights!

Intensity Guide

Batman: The Ride Intensity

Batman: The Ride gets a 4/5 intensity. Batman features many intense inversions resulting from its free spinning seats on the side of the track. These inversions range from quick, intense flips to slower, hanging inversions. The only reason that this ride doesn't get a higher intensity score is that the amount and intensity of inversions is varied from ride to ride. Some rides will be along the level of Medusa whereas others will feature several small inversions that necessitate and lower rating.


Height: 120 ft
Speed: 38 mph
Length: 1019 ft
Inversions: 0
Drop: 55 ft
Manufacturer: S&S
Opening Date: 5/25/2019


  • Located in the DC Universe area of the park
  • One of 7 identical rides located in Six Flags parks
  • Opened in 2019