Boomerang Coast to Coaster

An inverting shuttle roller coaster


Boomerang will not only take you on a wild ride forward but backward too! Get lifted to the top of a 116ft spike, get dropped all the way back down and get taken through 3 intense inversions. And then get ready to do it again!

Intensity Guide

Boomerang Intensity

Boomerang: Coast to Coaster gets a 4.5/5 intensity. Although the ride is short, it features 3 intense inversions, a loop and cobra roll. What sets it apart from other looping rides is the fact that it goes through them backwards in addition to forwards. Going backwards through the inversions provides an even more intense ride than going through forwards.


Height: 116.5 ft
Speed: 47 mph
Length: 935 ft
Inversions: 3
Duration: 1:48
Manufacturer: Vekoma
Opening Date: 3/27/1998


  • Opened in 1998 along with Kong