A hybrid roller coaster


The most twisted coaster in the park has to be Joker! Starting from Roar, a wooden coaster, this coaster was transformed into a twisted steel creation featuring 3 inversions and plenty of amazing airtime! This coaster is definitely a must ride!

Intensity Guide

Joker Intensity

Joker gets a 4/5 intensity. Joker packs a punch beyond its smaller stature. Featuring several inversions, Joker is full of both positive and negative gs. It lacks the massive intense inversions of rides like Medusa or the repeated, unusual forces like Boomerang but what it lacks in those elements it makes up for in the kinetic experience that only RMC, it's manufacturer - also the creator of Railblazer at CGA, is capabale of making. If you can handle the rest of the rides in DC Universe, you'll enjoy Joker!



Height: 100 ft
Speed: 53 mph
Length: 3200 ft
Steepness: 78*
Inversions: 3
Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction
Opening Date: 5/30/2016


  • Located in the DC Universe section of the park
  • Opened as Roar, a wooden coaster
  • Before the 2015 season, it was converted into a steel RMC IBox coaster