An inverted roller coaster


Prepare to kick the sky on Kong! On this twisted roller coaster, there's no floor to reassure you. You'll strap into inverted trains and get inverted 5 times on an intense course. Hope you didn't eat before you got on!

Intensity Guide

Kong Intensity

Kong gets a 4.5/5 intensity. Kong features several inversions that exert strong forces on riders. These inversions aren't as intense as the ones on Medusa which is why this coaster gets a lower ranking. But the relentless and disorienting nature of the layout makes this one of the more intense coasters at the park.


Height: 109.3 ft
Speed: 49.7 mph
Length: 2260.5 ft
Inversions: 5
Manufacturer: Vekoma
Opening Date: 5/1998


  • Originally opened at Opryland USA as Hangman before being moved to SFDK in 1998