Sidewinder Safari

A spinning wild mouse roller coaster


New for 2020 take a wild ride on a brand new spinning coaster! Featuring sharp turns and quick drops, this ride will be sure to leaving you screaming for more! Also expect to see a brand new snake themed exhibit to go along with this new ride. With this new addition, there'll be something for everyone!

Intensity Guide

Sidewinder Safari Intensity

We expect Sidewinder Safari to have a 3/5 intensity. Based on similar coasters we've ridden, we expect it to be a slightly more intense version of Psycho Mouse at CGA with slightly less intense vertical forces but more intense overall because of the spinning. This coaster serves as a good intermediate coaster between Cobra and more intense rides like Flash: Vertical Velocity.


Height: 42.7 ft
Speed: 29.1 mph
Length: 1378 ft
Inversions: 0
Manufacturer: Zamperla
Opening Date: 2020


  • Opens along with a new snake exhibit
  • Brand new for the 2020 season!
  • Marks the 3rd year in a row that SFDK has gotten a new roller coaster