Superman Ultimate Flight

A launched roller coaster


Have you ever wanted to fly through the air like Superman? Well now's your chance! Featuring a triple launch and an 150ft tall inline twist, this coaster packs a punch! This is definitely a must ride in the park!

Intensity Guide

Superman: Ultimate Flight Intensity

Superman: Ultimate Flight gets a 4/5 intensity. Like Flash: Vertical Velocity, Superman features a multi part launch of similar speed. The final launch on Superman, however, is more intense owing to the fact that it immediately rises into a vertical climb. Like Flash, Superman's inversion features hangtime more than forces since it is taken at a slower speed. This makes Superman just a step above Flash in intensity.


Height: 150 ft
Speed: 62 mph
Length: 863 ft
Inversions: 1
Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Opening Date: 6/30/2012


  • Located in the DC Universe section of the park
  • Features the tallest inversion in Northern California
  • First of its kind track design that has spread to 8 other parks