CGA hosts a preview party for passholders

Curious about what CGA has in store for the 2020 season? They're throwing passholders a party to tell us about it! (P.S. they'll be running some rides too)


CGA Preview Party Announcement

Today CGA announced that they will be having an announcement party for passholders where they'll tell us about events in 2020 as well as some more details about South Bay Shores and finish off the day with some Hometown Square rides and treats. Let's take a little closer look at what they're announcing.

South Bay Shores Details and Opening Timeline

At this event, CGA will give us some more details about the new water park opening in 2020 as well as some approximate opening dates. My guess for the details is the name and logos for the slides as well as some more concept drawings. Exciting news for sure!

New 2020 Food

A little hidden in the page is the fact that attendees will get "new-for-2020 sweets, treats and other fun surprises". We'll see what the new food is! My money is on plenty of new funnel cake flavors. They featured their new funnel cake recipes pretty heavily during the "bonus days" in November so my wager is that they'll do the same during the majority of 2020.

3 New Events

Maybe the biggest news is the announcement of 3 new events coming to CGA in 2020. That's pretty surprising considering that CGA already has a pretty good amount of events with Red, White and Brews, Taste of Orleans, Haunt and Winter Fest. Looking at those dates, it leaves March, April, June, the end of July and August as holes in the calendar. For that reason I'm guessing an Easter event, grad events in June and something in August. Not obvious to me what that last one will be since no holidays fall in August that are obvious candidates.


Online Registration - opens at Tuesday, February 18th at noon

Event - March 5th from 7pm to 10pm

Set an alarm for yourself since you don't want to miss online registration! And big props to CGA for giving passholders such an awesome perk! We'll be there, hopefully most of you all will as well!