Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Switches to Flash Pass Watches

Some exciting news out of SFDK today. Today was the first day SFDK used Flash Pass watches as opposed to the classic QBot Flash Passes. These passes are fairly common throughout the rest of the chain but had yet to make their way to SFDK. But they're here and we think that they're a big improvement!

The new Flash Pass system at SFDK The watch itself!

What to expect

So usage is pretty similar to the old QBot systems with a slightly different interface. Whereas before, you'd interact with the UI using the buttons on the device, now you'll swipe and slide through the UI to reserve times with the watch's touch screen. Actually, you won't tap any buttons at all on the device touchscreen or not but instead swipe. We thought it was a natural gesture for most things but cancelling and changing a reservation felt a little funny, having to swipe up 5 times to get it to take was a little strange. We also thought that it was difficult to actually make the device register our swipes. I'm not sure if this is due to the newness of the device and we're just not used to it or what but the workers at the front mentioned that others had complained about this as well.

But this form factor is so much better than the previous QBots and this alone outweighs any of the benefits. No longer do we need to keep my Flash Pass in a pocket and worry about it slipping out on a ride. Now the device sits on the wrist while we ride. It also made knowing when my reservations are ready much easier too. Being on a wrist, you can't really miss the buzz whereas when the device is buried in your pocket, it's much more difficult to notice it.

Overall this is an awesome change for SFDK. When you go next, give it a shot and we think you'll like it as much as we do!