California's Great America Update - January 28th, 2023

Ride Refurbs and a January Park Visit!

It's an exciting year this year at CGA, it's the first year that the park is open year round! For the next couple months it'll be weekend only but that's a lot better than being closed like it normally is! Today was my first visit since New Years Day when the park was still decorated for Winterfest. Don't expect a massive update today since there wasn't a ton going on but lets get going!

Table of Contents

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Nothing too shocking today. The board says ME is closed but as we'll see, that's not the case...

Misc Updates The remnants of the skating rink are still in sight. So no fountains yet but they're on their way

Misc Updates Ice is not a super common sight here in the Bay Area!

Misc Updates The stage behind the carousel is totally taken down

Misc Updates The reindeer stable is still partially up!

Misc Updates The booths around the RB plaza are down and it really opens up the area

Misc Updates Taking a look over at the construction site from last visit

Misc Updates This wall is up blocking any sight of it. Wonder what's happening behind!

Misc Updates The first of the ride refurbs we'll see is Drop Tower, which is down until next month

Misc Updates The vehicles are in pieces

Misc Updates The skeletons look pretty cool!

Misc Updates Tiki Twirl was also closed!

Misc Updates There are some shiny new signs up for the picnic grove

Misc Updates So there's been a big rumor going around that Centrifuge's days are numbered and that a Zamperla WindstarZ ride will take its place

Misc Updates I certainly don't know ride clearances and the WindstarZ isn't a tall ride by any stretch of the imagination but it does seem like it might close to the sky ride. We'll see!

Misc Updates Continuing onward, the former splash pad has most of its tables cleared out and is now just a strip of turf

Misc Updates A quick aside, there were lots of characters out this visit!

Misc Updates Good to see the park pulling out all the stops on a quieter day

Misc Updates Over in Planet Snoopy the Character Carousel is closed

Misc Updates And the tarp that normally goes over the roof is completely gone

Misc Updates Mass Effect is open! But not operating continuously for now, just shows every 30 minutes

Misc Updates The tarp that normally covers the other theater was completely off

Misc Updates Nothing too crazy behind there, I assume they're just doing some normal maintenance

Misc Updates Something cool that's new: themed trash cans!

Misc Updates Only saw them in All American Corners and Orleans Place but good for the park, it's so cool!

Misc Updates Ohh Bay Area, I love you but you make me laugh sometimes. I think the goldest so far this winter was like high 40s for a day or two?

Misc Updates The new sign on the exiting billboard

And that'll finish up our update! Not a ton like I said. But it's good to see the park open year round. I'll keep my eyes out for any more movement with that rumored ride. I'll be back in the park in the beginning of March!