California's Great America Update - March 5th, 2020

Season Pass Preview Day - South Bay Shores, Halloween Haunt and much more!

Like I mentioned earlier, CGA just hosted a Season Passholder preview event and wow, there's a lot to talk about! So let's take a walk through their announcements and check out what's coming to the park in 2020!

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The majority of the updates given in the event focused on the events that are coming to the park in 2020, so let's see what CGA has in store for us!

CGA Passholder Event After being led into the park, it was off to the auditorium!

Seasons of Fun Buttons

CGA Passholder Event

CGA announced a special collectible button program with buttons being given away at various times throughout the year. There will be 9 total and we got a special 10th one given to us for attending the preview!

CGA Passholder Event

Spring Fiesta

CGA Passholder Event

The first new event announced is a multi-weekend affair celebrating Hispanic culture. Running three weekends from April 25-May 10, the first weekend (April 25 & 26) is focused on children featuring kid's activities.

CGA Passholder Event

The second weekend (May 2 & 3) is a Cinco De Mayo celebration featuring a new tasting menu. And the final weekend (May 9 & 10) is a Latin music festival featuring plenty of live music.

CGA Passholder Event

Monster Jam Thunder Alley

Monster Jam Thunder Alley finally makes it's way to CGA running from June 20th - July 12th! In this exciting event you'll get the chance to ride in a real monster truck and get up close and personal with your favorite trucks including El Toro Loco and Grave Digger. On select days, you'll also get the chance to meet with some of the drivers of the trucks themselves!

Red White & Brews

CGA Passholder Event

Red White & Brews returns for a 4th year this year running on weekends from June 27-July 12th! Featuring all of the live entertainment, drinks and fireworks that you're used to, this year also will bring a new tasting menu to experience!

Carnivale at Orleans Place

Replacing Mardi Gras this year is Carnivale at Orleans Place. Likewise coming from other Cedar Fair parks, this event's highlight is the Spectacle of Color parade. It will run from July 18th to August 2nd.

Great Pumpkin Fest

Great Pumpkin Fest returns and runs from September 26-November 1st.

Halloween Haunt

CGA Passholder Event

Halloween Haunt has something to be excited about this year! New for 2020 will be a new house: Shadowlands: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword.

This maze will replace Zombie High and comes direct from Knott's Scary Farm and is sure to be a hit!

This year's event will run from September 25th to October 31st.

Winter Fest

CGA Passholder Event

And the last event of the evening was Winter Fest. It will return this year with the same characters, events and rides you've loved and it will run from November 27th to December 31st.

South Bay Shores

CGA Passholder Event

CGA shared a great update with us regarding the progress of SBS.

New Additions

  • New entry portal
  • Tide Pool - Kiddy Slide Area (8 new kiddy slides)
  • New Changing Rooms (Using the former Stealth station)
  • 2 new dining locations (Pier 76 and the Sandbar)
  • Pacific Surge slide complex (4 new drop slides, 2 tube slides)
  • Premium Cabanas

Attraction Renames

  • Didgeridoo Falls -> Coastal Cruz
  • Down Under Thunder -> Mission Falls
  • Tasmanian Typhoon -> Nor Cal Wipe Out
  • Screamin' Wombat and Ripsnort Ridge -> Reef Racer
  • Great Barrier Reef -> Breakers Bay
  • Castaway Creek -> Rushin' River
  • Jackaroo Landing -> Pup's Pier

No opening date has been given beyond "Summer 2020" but we looks forward to it!

Park Updates

Upcoming Merch and Food

A merch tent was set up outside of the theater highlighting some of the new merchandise that we can expect to see next year.

CGA Passholder Event

CGA Passholder Event I'm really digging the design on both of the women's shirts in this picture

In addition, the park set up 4 booths for us to try some new food from.

CGA Passholder Event Fried Bananas with Caramel Sauce - Wow, this was incredible, one of the best theme park desserts I've ever had. I will eat this every visit this upcoming year!

CGA Passholder Event Fish Tacos - Very tasty

CGA Passholder Event Wings

CGA Passholder Event Wonton

I'm looking forward to these new dishes at CGA during the year!

Park Construction

CGA Passholder Event The ticket booths are being repainted and should be fresh in a few weekends!

CGA Passholder Event Lots of construction in front of Panda Express. Looks like the counter might be enclosed.

CGA Passholder Event The fountains aren't quite ready yet for the year but hopefully will be soon!


General Updates

Coming into the park, there are new entrance billboards highlighting the new events and additions for 2020.

CGA Passholder Event

CGA Passholder Event

CGA Passholder Event Xtreme Skyflyer was free tonight!

CGA Passholder Event But Railblazer was the highlight

CGA Passholder Event And didn't have a line all night

CGA Passholder Event I love the lights of the theater at night

CGA Passholder Event And the Peanuts gang were around to take pictures

I love the little decorations CGA adds to Hometown Square for the various yearly events and they showed it off today:

CGA Passholder Event Mardi Gras/Carnivale

CGA Passholder Event Haunt

CGA Passholder Event Spring Fiesta

CGA Passholder Event South Bay Shores

So that's it for our update. Big thanks to CGA for putting this on for us, what a fantastic event! There's so much to be excited for for CGA this year, I cannot wait until March 21st!