California's Great America Update - March 11th, 2022

All American Corner Changes & Opening Day Updates

California's Great America

The long offseason is over at CGA! And of course I was there to check it out. Or specifically, CGA hosted a passholder preview day the day before public opening day. I was eager to get to the park again, especially as we got the exciting news of a new ride, Liberty Twirler, being added to the park. But it wasn't the only thing changed in the park, so let's walk through and see the full list of changes!

All American Corner Updates

Liberty Twirler

Liberty Twirler Let's start with Liberty Twirler! This new Scrambler ride will be put in Firefall, the old Top Spin's, place

Liberty Twirler This area was the area that showed markings in our last update last year

Liberty Twirler No real work that you can see from the public path. Nothing too much from the air either, maybe a little bit of earth moving but nothing too crazy

Liberty Twirler I would assume that this will be the entrance/exit

Liberty Twirler The former location of the rope climb challenge game looks like it might play a part too

Liberty Twirler A little side view of the area

Liberty Twirler One last look. I'll keep my eye and see when this ride starts to take shape!

Game Time Sports Bar

Game Time Sports Bar The biggest surprise in the area was the removal of the signage from the Game Time building

Game Time Sports Bar A worker in the park walking by me told me to expect "more seating" so we'll have to see what replaces it!

Game Time Sports Bar I think I ate here once but I liked the concept of having a sports bar in the park

Game Time Sports Bar The restaurant and the arcade attached are already completely empty. Not saying it's gonna happen but if Rip Roaring Rapids were also available for removal, the combined piece of land would be a great spot for a coaster

Other Changes in the Area

Other Changes in the Area Other minor changes in the area: the gazebo from 2019 still isn't back. But there are signs for a new show in the area which is nice

Other Changes in the Area Orbit is still closed and disassembled. The sign still says Spring of 2022 and I'll keep and eye to see if we can get this classic ride back this season!

Other Changes in the Area Rapids were still down but would be open when I went the next weekend

Ride Updates

Ride Updates Drop Tower is still being refurbished

Ride Updates The shells are sitting around the ride

Ride Updates As are the seats

Ride Updates Interesting seeing the skeleton of the ride vehicles on the track

Ride Updates Mass Effect is back to operating continuously and is starting to need some care taken for the graphics!

Ride Updates White Water Falls still is sleeping for the winter. Looks like the walkway in the splash zone is getting replaced

Ride Updates Tiki Twirl also wasn't quite ready but was cycling vehicles all day

Ride Updates I saw the Tiki Twirl torches shoot a little fireball which I don't think I've ever seen before

Ride Updates In Planet Snoopy, Gr8 Sk8 isn't quite open yet

Ride Updates I believe that Planet Snoopy Construction Zone was closed last year so Covid so this is probably the first time it was open since 2019

Ride Updates The biggest news is that Gold Striker isn't quite ready yet either. Workers told me that it'd be ready in April

Ride Updates Looks like there's some track work going on. Hoping for a smoother, faster ride for our favorite wooden coaster in the region!

Ride Updates And finally, Patriot wasn't quite ready yet but was cycling trains all day so it'll be open soon

Misc Updates

Misc Updates A quick look at the rides closed today

Misc Updates Actually, there were pretty decent crowds at the park for the day. Nothing too crazy and it was still a good day for riding the rides

Misc Updates Interesting, the park has gone completely cashless. Like SFDK, the park has added cash to card machines throughout the park

Misc Updates South Bay Shores opens for the year on Memorial Day Weekend

Misc Updates Looking forward to seeing what our great new water park looks like for its second year!

Misc Updates Looking forward to getting on these slides again in particular!

Misc Updates The Maggie's lines looked a little different this year. Gone are the drink machines at the front of the line

Misc Updates And the cash registers were on their own island

Misc Updates The planter arch wasn't green yet but I'm looking forward to seeing it grow!

Misc Updates We have Coaster Dynamix at the park now! We have Gold Striker, Railblazer and Flight Deck and they're at various shops through the park

Misc Updates The games weren't quite open yet either

Misc Updates I always feel bad for this one Planet Snoopy sign that got swallowed up by South Bay Shores

Misc Updates Glad to see that there's no need for this sign anymore! The ride is open like normal and is looking great

Misc Updates The Bayou Outpost Store seems to have transformed from a generic discount store to a Christmas store

Misc Updates Interesting new line of tie die merch at Inside CGA

Misc Updates Let's take a look at the event schedule for the year: looking forward to seeing what Carnivale brings us!

Misc Updates I am a little disappointed by the lack of Haunt on that schedule although I am curious to see what Tricks & Treats brings us

Misc Updates Some of the houses are taken down, like this one and some still sit up like Wax Museum although we'll see if they get reused in a more family friendly setting

Misc Updates Finally, I am glad to see Friday Nights back this year. This year the stage in front of Great America Theater looks much more substantial than last year

Misc Updates Whether it's part of Friday Nights or not, I am really glad to see the park investing in live music so much. There's always a good crowd listening

Ride Pictures

Of course, let's finish out with some ride pictures!

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures

Ride Pictures