California's Great America Update - March 18th, 2023

Action Zone Construction & Ride Refurbs

I'm back at California's Great America for another update from the park! This month the headliner is some more construction in the Action Zone area, most likely for a new ride. But that's not all we have, we also have some news about ride refurbishment and plenty of smaller updates. Let's get going!

Action Zone Construction

Action Zone Construction Walking over to Action Zone, we see the walls that we've seen the last couple months but they've been pushed out a decent amount

Action Zone Construction They get very close to Drop Tower at this point

Action Zone Construction From in Grizzly's infield, we can see into the zone. Nothing too crazy at this point, mostly just torn up concrete, but I bet we'll see something soon. This seems like the logical place for that Zamperla WindstarZ that we've seen rumored. And it'll be a great place for it to go to draw some more interest to the back of the park

Action Zone Construction In addition, there was some new concrete work over by Drop Tower

Action Zone Construction My hope is that it gets filled with plants and is the start of transforming Action Zone into a more natural California-themed area

Action Zone Construction A closer look at one of the tags in the new concrete work

Ride Refurbishment

Ride Refurbishment So since CGA no longer has the winter alone to work on refurbing rides, that work will be spread out into the low traffic months, like right now

Ride Refurbishment To start with, Drop Tower is open again from its refurbishment!

Ride Refurbishment Gold Striker is closed. The employee out front told me that it'll be open in a month or so

Ride Refurbishment Continuing around the park, Tiki Twirl was too. Gotta love the reference to the old name

Ride Refurbishment Centrifuge was too

Ride Refurbishment And all the cars were off the ride

Ride Refurbishment Both Rip Roaring Rapids and White Water Falls were closed

Ride Refurbishment The Sky Ride was closed too

Ride Refurbishment And finally, Demon was closed. There wasn't a refurb sign out front so it might've just been a slow start to the day

Misc Updates

Misc Updates There was a sign out front saying limited operation and that was born out by the list of closed rides. Most are refurbs as listed above

Misc Updates The fountain is almost ready!

Misc Updates The workers are almost done painting the fountain by the time I left

Misc Updates The stage up front was set up for a performance

Misc Updates It was really cool to watch!

Misc Updates The performance was really long too and it was great!

Misc Updates Maggie's was closed too unfortunately

Misc Updates The stage seems to be set up for the Peanuts Celebration that starts soon

Misc Updates This was set up in Orleans Place. Usually it gets decorated for the various festivals throughout the year. Maybe it's here to stay

Misc Updates There's a new sign up in All American Corners. Love this design!

Misc Updates Filling Station was (kinda) open

Misc Updates It's selling some beer and other drinks

Misc Updates The scrim was finally up on Mass Effect

Misc Updates It looks so much better! The queue also looks a little refreshed too

Misc Updates I've never seen this little Snoopy in the annex but I like him!

Misc Updates I wonder if these are for the festival next month

Misc Updates This is a new setup for the seating area/character picture location

And that'll wrap up our update for the day! It's awesome to see some more progress happening in Action Zone and I'll keep my eyes on that super closely. But I'm also really excited to see the rides in the park start to come online again after their refurbs. My next visit to the park will be at the end of April to check out the Peanuts festival!