California's Great America Update - March 23rd, 2024

Opening Day!

After getting a year of year round operation, it felt weird to head back to a proper offseason for CGA. But after a couple months, we're finally back! And it felt so good to get back. This will be a pretty short update since, quite frankly, not a ton has changed at the park! Let's walk around the park in roughly clockwise order!

Misc Updates Welcome to CGA opening day! Unfortunately since it was rainy and gross out, the rides were very limited

Misc Updates There's a fresh new sign at the entrance to the park!

Misc Updates Maybe I'm just imagining it but I think the carousel got a fresh coat of paint

Misc Updates I saw this new line of merch and was struck by how weird it looked. Like I like the idea and appreciate the lack of ornamentation but I don't think I like the way it looks

Misc Updates The seasonal bar in Orleans Place was open today and seemed to be serving drinks again. Maybe it'll be running year round now

Misc Updates Over at Flight Deck, since the 49ers lost the Super Bowl this year, the ride was temporarily renamed "Soaring Chiefs" 🤢

Misc Updates In front of Flight Deck (yeah, I'm not saying that terrible new name), the stage remained up. Not sure if that's just for the events upcoming or for new shows debuting this summer

Misc Updates The most interesting news this update most likely is this change that's happening at American Cafe

Misc Updates All the windows are gone!

Misc Updates Stepping back a little to survey

Misc Updates As is the counter! This is a fairly major change, can't wait to see what it becomes

Misc Updates I don't remember this smaller sign over at Liberty Twirler!

Misc Updates Unfortunately, in what was a theme for the day, Orbit had this sign posted out front

Misc Updates And the ride looks like it needed a little more love before it was ready to go

Misc Updates To no surprise all the water rides in the park were closed. Not that anyone would want to go on them on a 60 degree and rainy day

Misc Updates In a fairly standard move, Mass Effect is running at certain times

Misc Updates Tiki Twirl is closed like it was most of last year

Misc Updates The other interesting update at the park this month is the transformation from All American Food Festival to The Market

Misc Updates It got some new awnings and a much more fitting theme with the area. Let's take a look through the food and see how much has changed (not much I don't think)

Misc Updates Nachos and Corn

Misc Updates Chicken

Misc Updates Hot Dogs

Misc Updates Burgers

Misc Updates Sushi

Misc Updates Garlic Fries

Misc Updates Ice cream

Misc Updates Pizza

Misc Updates As you might expect, Demon was closed!

Misc Updates As was Patriot

Misc Updates What's this I see?

Misc Updates That's right, a new coat of paint and graphics for Wave Swinger!

Misc Updates The stage in front of Great American Theater is still setup. It has the Peanuts colors on it so for a Celebration show?

Misc Updates Speaking of, that starts soon!

Misc Updates The little horse near Gold Striker looks a little better this year! Maybe we'll be allowed in it at some point?

Misc Updates And I'll leave you with the upcoming events!

And that finishes up our trip through the park for opening day! Not a ton has changed which is okay, I wasn't expecting a ton to have changed! But regardless, it's always great to be back at Great America for another great year of fun! I'll be back at the park next month for Peanut's Celebration!