California's Great America Update - April 21st, 2023

Peanuts Celebration Review

The Peanuts gang have taken over CGA for the month of April! All this month, the park hosts the Peanuts Celebration with plenty of interesting food, decorations and entertainment. In this update we'll take a look at all the park put on for the event! But of course, that's not all, we'll also look at the construction in Action Zone as well as some smaller updates from around the park!

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Peanuts Celebration

Peanuts Celebration

Peanuts Celebration is here! Let's break down the event like we usually do and step through the various components


Peanuts Celebration > Food Let's start with what I think is the star of the show, new food!

Peanuts Celebration > Food You can see that the park is offering a wide variety of new food and drinks as part of the Celebration

Peanuts Celebration > Food I just tried two of them today: the Juicy Lucy burger at Sierra Lodge. This burger was the best quick service burger I think I've had in any theme park. The patties were actually a little less than well done which gave them more flavor and the cheese in between the patties was really juicy, gooey and flavorful. I highly recommend!

Peanuts Celebration > Food And then I also tried the Peppi Fries, also at Sierra Lodge. These too were tasty although they were just a little too cooked since I prefer my cheese a little meltier. Still very good though!


Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment As you might expect, Peanuts Celebration features plenty of new themed entertainment!

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment As you can see, it's fairly distributed around the park instead of all in one area. Let's take a look around!

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment In Planet Snoopy you can find Peanuts Sketch School where you can learn to draw all your favorite Peanuts Characters

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment It was setup with a bunch of chairs facing a stage where the artist guides you through how to draw the characters

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment At the Planet Snoopy Stage we have Music Goes Round and Round

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment Which is sure to feature plenty of music to dance to

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment Over at All American Corners you can find Peanuts on the Go

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment The stage in front of Great America Theater shows Snoopy's Legendary Rooftop Concert where a local band plays some family friendly hits

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment Over in front of Theatre Royale, Spike's Silent Disco is set up

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment In this, you can check out a set of headphones and dance along as the DJ spins tunes just for your ears

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment And you can do it with Spike!

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment He looked very lonely with no one to dance with

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment And finally, behind the Carousel, we get Happiness Is

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment It starts off as a fairly standard singing and dancing show

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment But it features all your favorite Peanuts characters!

Peanuts Celebration > Entertainment It was a very cute show that I'm sure families will enjoy!

Decorations & Misc

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc In the various gift shops around the park, you could find some good looking merch for the event!

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc There were so many banners up all over the park announcing the event. Such a small thing but it makes such a big difference!

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc Over in Planet Snoopy, the meet and greet area was changed to a space theme

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc The green area in the Planet Snoopy annex was filled with games

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc And plenty of photo ops

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc This one was my favorite. I hope the games at least stick around after Peanuts Celebration is done

Action Zone Construction

Action Zone Construction Let's take a look at the construction in Action Zone!

Action Zone Construction To start with, the fence looks a little different with some gating at the top

Action Zone Construction Looking in, I didn't nail the focus here but you can still make out that not a ton of construction has happened yet

Action Zone Construction The wall leading into Grizzly also has gotten upgraded but otherwise looks similar

Action Zone Construction One more slightly clearer peak back

Action Zone Construction One of my favorite parts is that the park is very clearly reusing some of the walls from WinterFest to hide the construction

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc The photo op near the annex got a refresh and a new name

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc The trees in Hometown Square continues to have some of the best decorations in the park. I love the kites

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc Even the pop up gift areas are themed to Peanuts!

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc The front of the park also had some pop up photo ops

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc These metal outlines of the characters were all over Orleans Place

Peanuts Celebration > Decorations & Misc Here's an up close view of one of them

Overall, the event was very cute! The park was really well decorated, the shows were nice opportunities to meet Snoopy and friends and the food was really tasty! This is well worth a visit to the park to check out before it ends at the end of the month!

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Let's start off with some closed rides, nothing too crazy here. A couple of thrill rides down for continuing refurb and some other assorted rides

Misc Updates As in most (all?) other Cedar Fair parks, CGA recently implemented a chaperone policy requiring someone 21+ to be present in the park with anyone under 15 after 4pm

Misc Updates Over in All American Corners, it looks like Pearl's Cookies is finally open serving cookies, milk and water

Misc Updates Was this mural on the side of Seaside Supplies always here? Seems new to me

Misc Updates Standing under the slides of South Bay Shores, you could hear the safety spiels playing and see maintenance workers up top. Almost time to open for the year!

Misc Updates As mentioned, Centrifuge is closed for more refurb

Misc Updates And the ride is in pieces

Misc Updates I saw these little stuffed animals in a couple gift shops. They had one for many of the rides at the park. I think any merchandise for individual rides is great so I'm a big fan!

Misc Updates When I walked by Drop Tower had maintenance at the ride but it didn't seem to be anything major or refurb related

Misc Updates I also never noticed that the Coaster Dynamix models that the park offers got expanded to include 6 in total!

Misc Updates White Water Falls was open for the year and looks great!

Misc Updates GoldStriker too was open from its refurb. I didn't ride it unfortunately but I'm hoping it's a little smoother than it was last year!

Misc Updates Interestingly, the building near the GoldStriker gift shop was cleared out and visible inside for guests

Misc Updates Looks like it has plenty of facts about our Carousel. Maybe we'll see it open this summer?

Misc Updates Bayou Outpost was closed and completely cleared out. I wonder if the park is planning on changing what merchandise is sold inside

Misc Updates A local jr high school was playing a show for guests

Misc Updates Was proud of this cool little shot I got of Flight Deck

Misc Updates Merle's looks just about ready to open

Misc Updates Filling Station too

Misc Updates Pit Stop as well. Filling Station and Pit Stop both have drink signs on the door that makes me think that they might be open sometimes?

Misc Updates On the outside of the park, it looks like the preferred parking lot is getting repaved and repainted

Misc Updates And that'll end a beautiful day at CGA!

Peanuts Celebration is a great time to go to CGA! The park looks great all decked out in Peanuts decorations and the entertainment and food is something the whole family is sure to enjoy. Make sure to make your way out to the park to see it before the end of the month!