California's Great America Update - April 24th, 2022

Gold Striker Reopens & Liberty Twirler Construction

Time for another CGA update! This one is a fairly light one since the biggest new thing in the park (Liberty Twirler) hasn't done much lately but there's still plenty to talk about so let's get right into it!

Table of Contents

Liberty Twirler

Liberty Twirler First at the site, there are work walls up!

Liberty Twirler They extend all the way around the former Firefall side that faces the midway

Liberty Twirler From the exit of Mass Effect we can check out the site. We can see some construction equipment and some minor land work. That pit is left over from Firefall.

Other Ride Updates

Other Ride Updates The biggest news of ride reopenings this month is Gold Striker reopening!

Other Ride Updates The ride received a good amount of trackwork this offseason and it showed

Other Ride Updates It was running better than it has in a while. The first half in particular was fast and smooth. I definitely recommend checking this out when you head to the park next!

Other Ride Updates Orbit remains closed

Other Ride Updates Nothing really new here, same old progress we've seen. Hopefully it reopens soon!

Other Ride Updates Whitewater Falls reopened after having most of its bridge replaced

Other Ride Updates Good to have it back before the summer starts!

Other Ride Updates Drop Tower remains closed

Other Ride Updates But the cars are all put together

Other Ride Updates People claim that they've seen it testing (even though I didn't) so hopefully it's also a couple of weeks tops from reopening

Other Ride Updates Because I definitely miss it, its one of my favorite rides at the park

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Good to see this list dwindle down to something short

Misc Updates I don't think I've ever seen this little dock before. This pond area is right next to the grassy gardens SBS spot and a prime one for a ride/slide in a few years I think

Misc Updates Snoopy and Peppermint Patty were out greeting guests. This is my first time seeing two characters out at the same time in a long time

Misc Updates This weekend saw a dance showcase at the park. IIRC before covid these used to take place in one of the theaters but presumably due to covid they were behind Carousel Columbia

Misc Updates But either way, plenty of teams an individual performers were out performing throughout the day


Rides At some point I need to get out to actually ride Tiki Twirl

Rides Keep your eye out for something from us with Flight Deck soon

Rides Got some exciting plans for CGA and Flight Deck will be the first one!

So that's our update for the month! Liberty Twirler is coming along and I'm looking forward to seeing the kinetic energy it brings to an otherwise pretty quiet area of the park. I'll keep my camera looking for progress and bring you what I find at the end of next month!