California's Great America Update - May 26th, 2023

NorCal County Fair Opening!

So obviously, the big news this month is the opening of the new NorCal County Fair Area! Like I've been theorizing (no inside info here - it was pretty easy to see with the repaints), we had the dated Action Zone, replaced with the much more natural California County Fair Area. The new attraction in the area isn't quite open yet (we'll cover that when it happens of course) but I still went and am here to let you know how it is!

Table of Contents

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair We'll cover the area from right to left! The area starts with this new sign in front of the Redwood Rally turnaround

NorCal County Fair Speaking of, Barney Oldfield's has become Barney Oldfield's Redwood Rally. With a new sign

NorCal County Fair Both up top and throughout the course

NorCal County Fair The graphics are great

NorCal County Fair There's plenty of scenic elements throughout the course

NorCal County Fair And the "race" ends at the finish line of course!

NorCal County Fair There's even a little bench for spectators by the finish line!

NorCal County Fair Have I mentioned the awesome graphics throughout the ride?

NorCal County Fair You can see the course in the queue

NorCal County Fair As well as 4 cool posters in the queue I'll add here

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair Let's keep moving! On the backside of the basketball game is a little scenic element thats' well appreciated

NorCal County Fair But the best part of the area by far is Larry!

NorCal County Fair He does in fact sing! (obviously there's not a real chicken in there)

NorCal County Fair Close to the finish line of Redwood Rally is a much needed set of picnic tables that'll be a great place to watch the new ride when it opens!

NorCal County Fair Speaking of, lets take a closer look at the site for the new ride: Pacific Gliders

NorCal County Fair First, the wall is in around the same place as it was last time

NorCal County Fair But this time with a mix of new concept art and ride logos on it!

NorCal County Fair The Redwood Rally logo looks great

NorCal County Fair And the Pacific Gliders concept art looks great

NorCal County Fair Some more art and teasers on the wall

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair

NorCal County Fair And now with the new picnic tables opened up, we can get a new view of Pacific Gliders construction

NorCal County Fair Still no vertical construction but it says that it'll be ready this summer

NorCal County Fair It's a much better view than our previous spot to look!

NorCal County Fair Continuing over to Drop Tower, we have a new sign!

NorCal County Fair Which looks fantastic

NorCal County Fair The planter is still unfinished. I have to assume that it will only be finished when the fences are down and there's more room for guests to walk around

NorCal County Fair The games area also got some fresh paint

NorCal County Fair And new graphics

NorCal County Fair I'm partial to this one

NorCal County Fair And I appreciate this little detail! They definitely didn't have to put labels on the game bottles but that they did means something I think

NorCal County Fair Over at Tiki Twirl, it's not quite ready yet

NorCal County Fair Psycho Mouse's paint makes sense now! We just need a name that's more fitting to the area. Maybe this offseason?

So yeah, in case it wasn't obvious, I'm a big fan of the area. It's not some massive new coaster but it's what the park needed which was a little bit of a facelift to an old, decaying area. The colors and the new graphics and the new theme fits so much better and I can't wait to see the energy that the new ride will bring the area!

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Now that we've got the big stuff done, let's look at the little stuff in the park this month!

Misc Updates It's Memorial Day Weekend at the park where military and vets can get into the park for free

Misc Updates I think this is a new sign over at the Soccer Challenge near Railblazer. Don't think it's related to NorCal County Fair so I'll put it here!

Misc Updates The floral tunnel is back grown again!

Misc Updates Over at Centrifuge, it looks like the ride isn't quite open again yet

Misc Updates South Bay Shores opens for the year tomorrow!

Misc Updates I managed to catch a last minute lifeguard training!

Misc Updates Over in Planet Snoopy, looks like Music Goes Round and Around is sticking around

Misc Updates And the stage for it looks just about what it was before

Misc Updates Elsewhere in Planet Snoopy, the sign for Sketch School is still up but I don't think it's still being offered

Misc Updates The stage in front of Great America Theater is still up

Misc Updates As is the one behind the carousel

And that'll wrap up the update! NorCal County Fair is an awesome freshening of the worst looking area of the park (Action Zone). Although it's headline new attraction isn't open yet, the area is already worth a visit for the breath of life it breaths into the area! Make sure to check it out!