California's Great America Update - June 12th, 2022

Red White & Brews and All American Corners Updates

Red White and Brews is back for the first time since 2019! It brings back all of the fun of the event a couple of years ago. But it's not the only new thing this month. We also have some exciting new updates from All American Corners and of course some misc updates from around that park!

Table of Contents

Red White & Brews

Red White & Brews Red White and Brews is back! Like before it takes place in Hometown Square

Red White & Brews Let's walk through some of what the event brings!


Red White & Brews - Food Of course, the event is still focused around food

Red White & Brews - Food And drinks

Red White & Brews - Food You can buy a tasting card or you can buy tastings individually

Red White & Brews - Food The booths are set up throughout the area

Red White & Brews - Food The Brew Bike is my favorite part of the event

Red White & Brews - Food I definitely want to do this at one point


Red White & Brews - Entertainment But there is plenty of other entertainment around the area, starting with live music

Red White & Brews - Entertainment The stage is set up at the front of Great America Theater

Red White & Brews - Entertainment But the gazebo in the square is also used

Red White & Brews - Entertainment People were really getting into the music!

Red White & Brews - Entertainment There are a handful of games throughout the area. Like cornhole

Red White & Brews - Entertainment Or pick a pig

Red White & Brews - Entertainment There are arts and crafts and temporary tattoos available for kids

Red White & Brews - Entertainment And there are plenty of photo ops

Red White & Brews - Entertainment Characters are roaming around

Red White & Brews - Entertainment And finally, there are souvenirs available too!

All American Corners Construction

Liberty Twirler

Liberty Twirler Over at the Liberty Twirler site we see not a ton of progress on the outside with the walls still up

Liberty Twirler Looking at the site, some ground work has been done but not too much. Like I've said in the past, this ride won't take a ton of time to get done but it needs to be done eventually!


Orbit Orbit still has its sign out front...

Orbit But so much more has changed! The cars are finally back on and they look amazing

Orbit The area in front of the ride is blocked off to allow for workers to access the cars

Orbit And workers are indeed getting the ride ready

Orbit I can't imagine it would take much longer than another month to get this ride running again

Orbit So glad to see progress on this ride finally! Its opening can't get here soon enough!

Game Time

Game Time Finally, at the old Game Time restaurant something is happening

Game Time New paint job and railings out front. Can't wait to see what becomes of this restaurant

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Not bad, only two rides down today!

Misc Updates Drop Tower is open again!

Misc Updates Action Zone isn't the same without it

Misc Updates South Bay Shores is open again! Looks great and is as crowded as ever. I look forward to getting to visit soon

Misc Updates Couldn't resist taking pictures of the cute ducks in the park

Misc Updates This mother had all her babies with her. Very cute!

And that will wrap up our update today! I always enjoy when the park puts on festivals and it was good to see an old favorite like Red White and Brews back. I look forward to seeing what comes of all of the All American Corners work as well. We'll be back in July as the park brings Carnivale to Northern California!