California's Great America Update - June 30th, 2024

The New Food and Wine Festival at Great America

After a really long hiatus, I'm back! Sorry about that, I ended up getting really busy and wasn't able to make it out to the parks for a while. But I'm back and I have a new update from CGA! Nothing too crazy at the park, but there was something: a new Food and Wine Festival at the park! This one takes over Hometown Square and features wine and some hors d'oeuvres as well as live music and entertainment. Let's get started with the update!

Table of Contents

Food And Wine Festival

Food And Wine Festival Welcome to the new Food and Wine Festival at Great America!

Food And Wine Festival Like I mentioned, it takes over Hometown Square

Food And Wine Festival Like you might expect, the wine is the big star here: plenty around the park

Food And Wine Festival I tried what I thought was a Zinfandel but I think I ended up getting a different red. But I don't know wine so maybe this one just tasted different than I'm used to!

Food And Wine Festival Food wasn't left out but it definitely was less of a focus than the wine

Food And Wine Festival But either way, you bought from these little tents throughout the area

Food And Wine Festival Don't forget about this little bar in the middle!

Food And Wine Festival And of course, the stage was set up and music was being played!

Food And Wine Festival I caught the Brandon Paison Duo and they were a lot of fun and great interacting with the crowd

Food And Wine Festival As far as other activities, seems like earlier in the event, you could contribute to this giant paint by nubmers mural!

Food And Wine Festival You could play some games and win some prizes

Food And Wine Festival And the giant games have made their return

Food And Wine Festival Instagram walls abound

Food And Wine Festival Plus there's plenty of decorations!

Food And Wine Festival Even the front of the park was all done upm with a sign in front of the fountain

Food And Wine Festival And banners

Food And Wine Festival And flags! Thanks to the park for putting on another fun event!

Misc Updates

Misc Updates A quick look at the closed rides. Railbalzer ended up being open

Misc Updates My favorite news of the month is that the little building near Gold Striker was open!

Misc Updates Not only did it feature the carousel horse but plenty of little facts from the ride

Misc Updates And other artifacts, like this postage stamp set that featured Great America

Misc Updates Or this schematic from the ride

Misc Updates An image and a model

Misc Updates Some newspaper clippings

Misc Updates Or a TV that plays construction footage! Overall, it's such a cool nod to CGA's history and I'm very thankful that we have access to it

Misc Updates Continuing on, Whitewater Falls was closed

Misc Updates With a crane in the station. With us reaching triple digits this week, I hope it opens soon!

Misc Updates Something new at the park I've never seen before. As I walked towards Drop Tower, I kept waiting for the cars at the top to drop but they never did! They were stuck up there! I stood watching for a few minutes until eventually they slowly lowered to the bottom. Everyone was safe of course but I just wish it could've been me up there! Think of the view!

Misc Updates Tiki Twirl does indeed rremain closed unfortunately

Misc Updates This little booth was set up near Kids Stuff. I wonder what it was or will be used for but I appreciated the shade it offered on a hot day

Misc Updates South Bay Shores is open for the year! If you can, make your way to check out our awesome water park!

Misc Updates And Orbit was back up!! It looked great

Misc Updates All American Cafe was open again! It features a very different setup

Misc Updates Instead of ordering at a counter, instead there is no counter, you order from your phone and it's brought to you

Misc Updates I didn't eat here but the menu looks more or less identical. But glad to see the building getting some love!

Misc Updates And finally, the small stage is set up in Orleans Place, presumably just waiting for Carnivale to start in mid July!

And that does it for today! The Food and Wine Festival is a nice, small addition to our park. I enjoyed the wine I had and I love to see the park mix it up a little bit! I'll be back at the park for Carnivale!