California's Great America Update - August 26th, 2022

All American Corners is (Mostly) Done & Markings Near Drop Tower

Back for another update from California's Great America. This is a little delayed vs the YT video but that's perfectly alright. This month, we have some really cool stuff around the (almost) completion of the All American Corners refresh as well as some interesting markings around the Drop Tower area. What do they mean? Who knows? But we'll show you what we see!

Table of Contents

All American Corners

So we've been covering ongoing work in the All American Corners section of the park since the parks reopened last year. And this year finally brought us a (mostly) finished area! And our new ride for this year: Liberty Twirler! Let's jump in and see what this new area looks like!

All American Corners First off, as you enter the land from the north passing Mass Effect, you'll see this lovely sign welcoming you to the new area

All American Corners Here's the area map, so you can locate yourself as we walk around the area

All American Corners The former games stand near the entrance becomes Route 76 Get it and Go, a general souvenir and supplies stand

All American Corners On the corner past the stand, we see one of the remaining pieces of the land: what looks like some sort of food or dessert stand

All American Corners Going clockwise around the area, we see the new ride in the area, Liberty Twirler!

All American Corners The ride looks great!

All American Corners The area always felt like it needed another ride and this is a great one

All American Corners Not my jam personally but every good amusement park needs a scrambler

All American Corners Based on the white rocks, it seems like the park is still finishing up some details

All American Corners Headed past American Cafe, we get to the gazebo in the center of the area, now home to the Corner Notes show

All American Corners Continuing on, I just wanted to point out how impressed I am that even the basketball game gets a fresh skin

All American Corners The former arcade still lives on but it gets renamed to Penny's Arcade and gets some fresh paint

All American Corners For any arcade enthusiasts that are curious, here is the smattering of machines inside

All American Corners

All American Corners

All American Corners They appear relatively unchanged from how it was before I think

All American Corners The former Game Time got split up into 3 separate establishments, Pit Stop

All American Corners Merle's

All American Corners And Filling Station. My guess is as good as yours that these will host some mix of quick service restaurants, bars and souvenirs but we'll wait and see

All American Corners I enjoy the little details throughout

All American Corners And finally we get to (IMO) the star of the area: Orbit!

All American Corners After sitting for the better part of 3 years, the ride is finally back open!

All American Corners The ride got some much needed TLC, looks great and runs great too. Good to see CGA putting love into a classic (and rapidly disappearing type of ride

All American Corners And there you have it! The area also brings back both the Flyers and Rapids. The area has become one of CGA's best looking overnight with a dense mix of rides. Check it out on your next visit to the park and I think you'll be delighted

Drop Tower Markings

Drop Tower Markings Hmmm... What's this I see?

Drop Tower Markings Markings all over the place near Drop Tower

Drop Tower Markings All different kinds

Drop Tower Markings Do I think this is a smoking gun for a new ride? Doubtful.

Drop Tower Markings All of this is near the entrance to the former Tooth Fairy haunt. If Haunt is no longer a thing then maybe that building could be repurposed

Drop Tower Markings So my money is on the renovation or demolishment of that building

Drop Tower Markings But I could be wrong!

Drop Tower Markings We'll keep you up to date!

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Let's start off like we usually do and cover what rides were closed at the park in my visit. Not too much this time around

Misc Updates Crews were in the park working on what I presume is the stage for Tricks and Treats

Misc Updates This was an action, dancing, BMX show last year for Haunt but I'm curious to see what it'll be for Tricks and Treats

Misc Updates We'll see!

Misc Updates The dying green tunnel is a good sign that the end of summer is fast approaching

Misc Updates Seems like there were some fresh new signs in the Tiki Twirl line. They look great!

Misc Updates A local radio station set up shop in front of SBS's entrance for the evening

Misc Updates There are only 2 major events left this year! Tricks and Treats and WinterFest

Misc Updates Looking forward to seeing what they have to bring us!

Misc Updates My favorite voodoo doll finds its way in front of Voodoo Charm for the time being

Misc Updates Since it was a Friday night, the park brought back its Friday Nights event!

Misc Updates Of course it brings live music, both on the main stage...

Misc Updates But on the gazebo as well

Misc Updates You can buy drinks from this bar in front of the stage

Misc Updates Or at any number of booths around the square

Misc Updates People seemed to enjoy them!

Misc Updates And what good is drinks without food so there's plenty of tasty food too. These events are so great and the lines for the rides are pretty minimal so I definitely recommend them!


Rides Railblazer thunders by. You wanna know something weird? I haven't ridden RB once this year. Love the ride but more and more I find it messes with my head and I have to be in the mood. Maybe I'm just getting old

Rides Psycho Mouse catches my eye every time I walk past it with its nice new paint scheme

Rides Flight Deck remains a fantastic ride that so many sleep on

And that's all we have for this update from the park! I love what CF has done in refreshing the All American Corners section and I hope that the markings near Drop Tower are the start of something similar for the Action Zone area of the park. We'll keep covering and let you know if anything has changed!