California's Great America Update - August 27th, 2021

Friday Nights Event & Haunt Construction

I was debating when exactly I was planning on heading to the park this weekend but after seeing that the park was putting on a special Friday night event with extended hours and live music, it seemed like an easy decision. And I'm glad I did, the event was well run and reminded me a lot of the Friday nights pre pandemic when I'd head down to the park after work and ride a couple of rides when the lines got short. In addition to the event, I also found what I was looking for, more Haunt construction and details! So let's get into it!

Friday Nights Event

Friday Nights Event Let's start by talking about the newest draw at the park: the Friday Nights event! This event is primarily located in Hometown Square and features live music and food stands!

Friday Nights Event The main stage is set up in front of Great America Theater

Friday Nights Event Whereas a secondary stage is set up in the gazebo in Hometown Square

Friday Nights Event The live music is the obvious draw with bands trading off between the main stage and the gazebo stage

Friday Nights Event When I walked by the main stage was playing covers of classic rock

Friday Nights Event The specialty booths in the area served crawfish fritters...

Friday Nights Event ...and tamales

Friday Nights Event Of course, you can expect a drink stand too

Friday Nights Event The biggest draw for me? Park hours are extended until 10pm!

I never need an excuse to get down to CGA but this event and especially the extension of hours make it such a no brainer to head to the park. And this isn't a one-off event either, there are still plenty of dates left!

Friday Nights Event There are still a handful of dates in September pre-haunt and in November pre-Winterfest

Haunt Construction

Haunt Construction I came to the park looking for signs of Haunt and I found it! We officially have the dates (I'll be there for opening night!)

Haunt Construction In Orleans Place, the big stage from Taste of Orleans has been left up for Haunt

Haunt Construction As has the little one

Haunt Construction Both feature this sign saying that Haunt is coming soon!

Haunt Construction After seeing these exciting signs, I went looking for more. At first glance, there wasn't a ton happening at Wax Museum...

Haunt Construction Until I heard what sounded like construction coming from this open door on the maze. Maybe sprucing up the maze after 2 years off?

Haunt Construction And the best part is that the Wax Museum marquee is uncovered!

Haunt Construction Over at Tooth Fairy, the tooth arch still sits outside the maze

Haunt Construction If you want to ride on the Speedway, I recommend doing it now! It usually closes in the beginning of September to get transformed for Haunt

Ride Construction

Ride Construction Let's start with taking a look at Orbit! It looks just about like it always does

Ride Construction Kinda a cool opportunity to see this little sign in the ride's machinery

Ride Construction Berserker is just a little further along

Ride Construction And by a little, I mean a lot!

Ride Construction The train is back on the track

Ride Construction And operators are in the booth

Ride Construction Because they're testing it!!

It was so cool to see Berserker testing and I can't imagine we're more than a couple weeks out! It looks fantastic too, the long time off was taken advantage of for sure!

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Going along with county guidance, face masks are required indoors in the park

Misc Updates As expected, all of the Taste Of Orleans decorations are down, but the regular arch isn't quite back yet

Misc Updates Too bad the cheesy alligator is gone :(

Misc Updates South Bay Shores only has two more weekends left open in its first year

Misc Updates I don't think I've ever seen this cool Taste of Orleans window in Orleans Place

Misc Updates This is a cool Railblazer T Shirt I'm noticing for the first time

Misc Updates Along with a similarly styled Gold Striker one

Misc Updates Another Haunt confirmation, as well as Great Pumpkin Fest and WinterFest dates

Misc Updates Season passes are on sale for next year (that reminds me that I need to renew mine...)

Ride Pictures

Let's finish off with some ride pictures!

Ride Pictures Patriot glides by

Ride Pictures Railblazer's first drop is so whippy

Ride Pictures Hopefully Gold Striker gets some attention this offseason since it's getting a touch rough

Ride Pictures So glad we have an old Arrow like Demon left in the park

Ride Pictures I wonder how long Grizzly has left in the park. I'm just waiting for people to see one flag in or around the area and to start speculating RMC

Ride Pictures CGA really is such a beautiful park, especially at night

That'll do it! The Friday Nights event was so much fun and a great reason to keep the park open a little later. Crowds were not too bad as well. So if you're free over the next couple of Saturdays, make your way down to our park before it goes under the knife for the seasonal events upcoming!