California's Great America Update - September 27th, 2020

Another Update from Afar

I can't believe that it's been 5+ months since our last CGA update. Not going to lie to you all, I was really hoping that 2020 would bring us the big announcement that we've all been hoping for and that I'd spend the entirety of Haunt and Winterfest covering the construction. But you know how things ended up going. My one regret this year is that I didn't spend more time at the preview event. I got one ride on Railblazer and headed back home to get to bed early for work the next day. Because after all, the park opened in only around 2 weeks, so why would I spend extra time at a place I was going to visit soon? And then even in my April update I was so sure that things would reopen in a couple of months (June or July at the latest was my naive thought). I suppose I've always been the optimistic sort.

But at this point, things have been set in motion and there's not much we can do other than the usual "stay 6 feet apart" and "wear a mask". But we make do with what we can and so I headed over to the trail that runs behind CGA and enjoyed some exercise and Vitamin D while checking out what was going on that I could see in the park. Maybe I'll be laughing at my naivete again in 5 months but I'm hopeful that our 2021 season can start and proceed as planned! Now on to the update! Since not a ton has changed since we visited in April, it'll be a fairly short one.

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South Bay Shores

South Bay Shores The slide piece that seems to come from the Tide Pool kid's area is still sitting in the parking lot

South Bay Shores I love the way that the sun glows through the lime green slide

South Bay Shores Banners still up too

South Bay Shores Tide Pool looks relatively unchanged and water still flows through the lazy river. I'm curious why water is still in the river

South Bay Shores I can't wait to try all of these slides!

General Updates

General Updates Looks like just about the same stuff is still in the parking lot

General Updates If you look carefully you can see the Halloween Haunt hearse! Wish we were using it this weekend :(

General Updates I don't think these Halloween pieces were here last time. I also love seeing one of my favorite goofy skeletons again!

General Updates I can't say I remember seeing this bone hearse at Haunt last year. Maybe something new for this year?

General Updates If you look closely at the door, you can see a sign for Best Day Academy. Must be CGA's employee training building

General Updates The sky ride cars sit backstage waiting for 2021

General Updates I wonder what these are behind Flight Deck

General Updates I went to Kentucky Kingdom for the first time this year and was surprised by how low the planes fly over the park. We have SJC close to us and the planes get close but not nearly as close as KK! Can't believe I don't remember seeing any more over the park last year.

General Updates We'll end this update with 2 pictures of Flight Deck's finale. Can't wait to give our favorite invert in NorCal another spin next year!

General Updates