California's Great America Update - November 10th, 2019

Winterfest Construction & Halloween Haunt leftovers

So to complete my weekend I visited the other major Bay Area park CGA. After such a dead Sunday last Sunday I was hoping for a repeat and although it wasn't quite that dead, it was fairly close. Even then, I didn't stay too long, instead getting a few rides (Railblazer, Drop Tower and Tiki Twirl) and checking out what was going on in the park before leaving. So enjoy this brief update!

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Winterfest Construction

Winterfest Construction

Even though Winterfest doesn't officially start for another couple of weeks, construction and decoration is underway here at CGA! As much as I love Halloween, there's something special seeing the park covered in lights that makes it my favorite time of year.

Winterfest Construction The tree rises!

Winterfest Construction Workers continue work on painting the tree base

Winterfest Construction The shop windows are nicely decorated

Winterfest Construction As is the inside of Inside CGA

Winterfest Construction I wish this little setup had some tiny building replicas of CGA buildings

Winterfest Construction Likewise Orleans Candy Kitchen is well decorated

Winterfest Construction The fountain is starting to get converted to the ice rink

Winterfest Construction And lights are covering the trees. The park is gonna look amazing at night!

Winterfest Construction I love the lights that get strung up in the green tunnel. The icicle effect is great!

Winterfest Construction Not only has Cornstalkers been evicted but...

Winterfest Construction Lights are up on the course!

Winterfest Construction More lights along Demon's corkscrews

Winterfest Construction Even Snoopy is getting into the holiday spirit!

Winterfest Construction Some gingerbread houses are hidden

Winterfest Construction While others are ready to go!

Halloween Haunt Remnants

Although there isn't much left, there's still a few signs of Haunt at CGA!

Halloween Haunt Remnants Although the skeleton still rides, the Dia De Los Muertos entry to Orleans is gone

Halloween Haunt Remnants Harvest Square is back to Hometown Square

Halloween Haunt Remnants Although there are still pumpkins around

Halloween Haunt Remnants The tombstones are gone near Madam Marie's

Halloween Haunt Remnants Although the chilling streets of Victorian London lives on!

Halloween Haunt Remnants Clown Town is no more

Halloween Haunt Remnants As is the Great Pumpkin Fest hay maze

Halloween Haunt Remnants The Wax Museum sign and teaser posters are still up

Halloween Haunt Remnants And the Blood Yard stage is still around, albeit smaller

Halloween Haunt Remnants Like we noted last week, the Dia De Los Muertos stage is all gone and we got our photo op back!

Halloween Haunt Remnants Skeletons are here! Am I a bad person if I want these skeletons to stay year round?

Halloween Haunt Remnants Chaos House or Rue Le Dodge? Which would you guess?

Halloween Haunt Remnants If you guessed Rue Le Dodge, you were correct! The bumper cars were operating like normal!

Other Updates

Other Updates Nothing super noticeable on South Bay Shores construction so I'll just leave you with this big pile of dirt

Other Updates So I knew that CGA had a Top Spin but I never knew where it was. When I was going some of my pictures from 2016 I realized that I have shots of it and the old log flume here. I thought that the area of the park in this picture felt a little dead and being able to put 2 and 2 together is awesome!

It was a great day at CGA! The park is really starting to look nice for Winterfest, I can't wait to see the continued decorations and specifically what it looks like when the sun goes down!