California's Great America Update - December 6th, 2020

A quick winter update

Disclaimer: All photos in this shot were taken from public paths behind CGA.

It's been about 3 months or so since my last update so I figured I'd head over to the (trail behind the) park and get some shots. TL;DR not a whole lot has changed. It's crazy to think that (virus willing, who knows at the end of the day!) we're only about 3 or so months from getting back in the parks. Feels like forever but also right around the corner. Just keep your fingers crossed that CGA will be able to open as planned in March!

Table of Contents

South Bay Shores

South Bay Shores Construction on the SBS buildings look more or less what they did in September

South Bay Shores As do the slides in the new Tide Pool kids area

South Bay Shores Looks like a cool little area for the kids!

South Bay Shores

South Bay Shores I don't remember this signage on the Breakers Bay wave pool being here in September but maybe I just didn't pay enough attention last time

General Updates

General Updates The parking lot looks about what it did in September

General Updates I see you Tooth Fairy bus and Halloween pumpkins!

General Updates We should be seeing these booths right now :(

General Updates The Haunt hearse remains out

General Updates All the Halloween items from September are now not out anymore

General Updates The Flight Deck wheel covers are sitting out. Hopefully they get a new pop of color for the new year

General Updates Interestingly, look like CGA lets Nytewalkers (the company behind a lot of CGA's stunt shows - they also usually have a show during Haunt) park their truck in teh employee lot


On my walk today, I spotted some interesting wildlife both inside and out of the park so I decided to take a couple shots!

Wildlife First, some cats

Wildlife Glad someone is enjoying the park!

Wildlife I wonder if they walk the park midways too

Wildlife This crane was hiding in reeds next to the path but thanks to a long zoom lens I was able to get a shot of him!


And finally let's end this update with some ride shots to hopefully tide you over a couple of months until our next update!

Rides Drop Tower is the #1 flat ride that I miss

Rides Drop Tower looms over Psycho Mouse

Rides Gold Striker over South Bay Shores

Rides WE's new paint job looks much better than the faded yellow

Rides Can't believe it was earlier this year at the preview day that I was able to ride RailBlazer, feels like so much longer

Rides I even miss Grizzly (although I wouldn't mind it being RMCd/Titan Tracked)

Rides And let's finish up with the easiest ride to photograph, Flight Deck!



Hopefully you enjoyed this update! It is always good to see some old favorites even if we're still a little bit away from riding them again. But it'll be here before we know it!!