California's Great America Update - December 16th, 2021

WinterFest and Ride Updates

Another long overdue update from me! Had some stuff going on that prevented me from making updates from the parks but I finally made my way back to CGA for WinterFest! The park was as beautiful as ever and after Haunt, Christmas is my favorite time of the year! But WinterFest isn't the only news from the park, we also have some interesting ride news and some markings to keep an eye on for the future. Let's get into it!



To start with, let's look at the shows for WinterFest. It's nice to see indoor shows back in the park and I look forward to seeing what the park comes up with for next season.

WinterFest Shows To start with, like 2019, there is a tree lighting ceremony

WinterFest Shows The show takes place behind the Carousel Columbia at 5:30

WinterFest Shows It starts off with some singing and dancing until an MC comes on and welcomes us to WinterFest

WinterFest Shows They invite a family up to help turn on the lights and start the WinterFest night off!

WinterFest Shows After they pull the switch, the tree lights up and the singers perform a couple more songs. It's a great way to get your night started off right at the park

WinterFest Shows The main Great America Theater has an ice show named "It's Christmas Snoopy"

WinterFest Shows Over at the side theater near Rue Le Dodge there were drum shows throughout the night

WinterFest Shows Theatre Royale is showing Tinkers Toy Factory

WinterFest Shows Over by the entrance to South Bay Shores, CGA had the trolley show set up

WinterFest Shows Finally, over in Planet Snoopy, there was a Peanuts show

General WinterFest Updates

Now lets take a walk around the park and see some general park changes for WinterFest!

WinterFest Orleans Place had lights strung up and flashing set to music

WinterFest Kids could write letters to Santa again this year in Orleans Place! This year required reservations however due to limited capacity

WinterFest All-American Corners became Tinsel Town again this year

WinterFest The covered bridge near Mass Effect is still my favorite light display in the park

WinterFest Okay, this might be my favorite decoration however. It's a jelly filling station for this gingerbread car!

WinterFest Love that "motorists" could choose from Grape or Strawberry

WinterFest These trees were beautifully lit up in Planet Snoopy

WinterFest And Snoopy was wearing his Santa outfit like usual

WinterFest Continuing around the park, there were games and a DJ both set up near Grizzly again

WinterFest And Barney Oldfield's Speedway became the 12 Days of Christmas again

WinterFest The walk between Railblazer and Grizzly was again transformed into a Victorian Village

WinterFest Glad to see the park use these facades even if the Victorian scare zone wasn't here at Haunt this year

WinterFest WinterFest even featured some walkaround characters this year!

WinterFest There were plenty of campfires on the lawn behind Railblazer. They're nice to have on a chilly night!

WinterFest This is another great decoration on the lift of White Water Falls!

WinterFest From another angle!

WinterFest Local vendors again set up shop under Railblazer

WinterFest I liked these little penguins near Railblazer

WinterFest Back again this year was pictures with Santa

WinterFest It's always a really popular activity

WinterFest The park has ""snow" areas in the park for kids to play around in

WinterFest There were actually a lot more characters throughout the park than I remember

WinterFest Mars Klaus Kitchen was back again this year except instead of in Planet Snoopy, it was in Orleans Place

WinterFest As per usual with the park, there were special booths set up selling food and drink

WinterFest Inside CGA again became Frosty Furnishings - actually plenty of stores within the park had their name changed for the season

WinterFest What a great event at the park! It runs through the beginning of January so make your way out if you can!

Ride Updates

Ride Updates Flight Deck is in the process of getting some new paint

Ride Updates Not that the old paint was particularly faded, but this paint looks bold and fantastic

Ride Updates Glad to see the park continue to invest in some of our favorite CGA rides!

Ride Updates Moving over to Orbit

Ride Updates There has been some progress here

Ride Updates The ride looks much more disassembled

Ride Updates But there's no way that it opens this year

Ride Updates Looks like we'll have to wait until 2022 to get to ride this favorite again!

General Updates

General Updates Here's what you can expect for closed rides at the park this month

General Updates Mass Effect is hidden behind decorations so no extraplanetary journeys until 202

General Updates Glad to see characters can take pictures next to guests again. Things are going back to normal!

General Updates The most interesting news from the park this month is the appearance of site markings near All American Cafe

General Updates This is near the site of the former FireFall top spin

General Updates The markings go from around 30 feet of the cafe to directly next to the rope climb game

General Updates What does this mean?

General Updates In all honesty? Most likely probably nothing. Markings aren't just for new rides but also for new buildings and infrastructure work

General Updates Since it is showing up next to All American Cafe, my money isn't on a new restaurant but instead of some infra work

General Updates But the site does clearly have enough room for a flat ride so we'll just have to see!

There you have it! Glad to be back at the park after so long away! This will be my last visit of the year so thanks for bearing with me for another sporadic year of updates. 2022 is going to be a great year for the park and for this site so stay tuned for further updates from me!