Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - January 4th, 2020

Last Weekend of Holiday in the Park

So like I mentioned in our last SFDK update, I headed back to SFDK to get some pictures of the lights and really celebrate the lack of an offseason we have in NorCal.

I ended up getting to the park around 1:30pm to a half full parking lot.

SFDK Updates Nothing super shocking here. Water rides down, bumper cars down because it's an ice skating rink, Harley and Tasmanian Devil down

General Updates

General SFDK Updates I think this entrance with an RMC and Intamin impulse towering over you is one of my favorites of any park

General SFDK Updates I'm not entirely sure what this work wall is up for near Cobra but it's been up for a couple of weeks

General SFDK Updates Medusa was only running one train :(

General SFDK Updates And work walls near the old 4d theater. It's at the end of the ramp to get back down the hill and I also have no idea what it's for. I'll keep an eye on it

General SFDK Updates The holiday animal shows are over and they're back to the (awesome) normal ones

General SFDK Updates Tazmanian Devil is still closed

General SFDK Updates I don't think I've ever seen Safari Grill open. Which is a shame because the menu looks awesome!

General SFDK Updates Since it was such a beautiful day, most of the animals were actually out! The tiger cubs were looking pretty cute

General SFDK Updates As were the giraffes

General SFDK Updates At around 2:15pm I decided to head over and grab some Chop Six to be greeted by these lines at every open food place in the area

General SFDK Updates Luckily I was able to barely get my food before lunch officially ended 45 minutes after I got in line. I think this was a case of an understaffed park which is a shame!

General SFDK Updates This shark was just hanging out

General SFDK Updates Seaside Junction was closed. Last time I came Tava's Jungleland was closed so it seems like it's a case of lack of workers to run both kids areas

General SFDK Updates These birds really seem to enjoy the DC Universe sign

General SFDK Updates And HQCC was closed of course. At this point I wonder if the constant closure doesn't have something to do with being understaffed

General SFDK Updates Big Belly Burger is now selling milkshakes and turkey legs

General SFDK Updates And mobile food ordering is available at BBB

General SFDK Updates This is the first time I've seen the DC Universe sign at night. Good job with it, Six Flags, it looks great!

General SFDK Updates Decided to get a couple of shots of Boomerang at night. At least it's a pretty ride!

General SFDK Updates

General SFDK Updates Pacific Rim looks just about like what it did a few weeks ago

General SFDK Updates Joker with a bright moon shining in the background

General SFDK Updates Good day at SFDK!

Sidewinder Safari

Sidewinder Safari At the Sidewinder Safari site, the random pieces from a couple of weeks ago are still here

Sidewinder Safari But no other real signs of progress

At this point I'm wondering if I'm even looking at the right place. But looking on Google Maps there really isn't anywhere farther back so this must be the place and they just haven't gotten much work done! I'll keep you up to date!

Holiday in the Park

So like I mentioned, Holiday in the Park was the primary reason I came today so let's take one last look at it this year!

Holiday in the Park The walk around characters are out. I don't think I've ever seen the mice walking around HiTP before

Holiday in the Park One last weekend for the HiTP stage to be up


The lights at night are amazing! The park isn't staying open super late so I didn't get as much time with the lights as I would've liked but I still got plenty of time to admire the light! Let me share my favorite shots with you.

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park Candy Cane Lane

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park The tree is incredibly well lit. I'm a big fan!

Holiday in the Park Even the buildings are well lit

Holiday in the Park When I came by 30 minutes before close, the rink was all booked up but that's not too much of a surprise

Holiday in the Park But the rink is well lit!

Holiday in the Park I think the main tree is better than this tree, the food court tree, but it's close!

Holiday in the Park Most of the buildings have lights

Holiday in the Park But others don't have much...

Holiday in the Park I really like the colors on this tree

Holiday in the Park I like the ceiling lights in Merry Marketplace

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park The "snow" was leaving some slick spots on the ground

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park Poinsetta tree is the third best tree at the park!

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park The main plaza tree and buildings are synced to music and it looks incredible!

Holiday in the Park Goodbye to another year of Holiday in the Park! See you next year!