Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - January 21st, 2023

First Visit of 2023

Hey everyone! Back at the SFDK again for the first time in 2023. Technically it was supposed to be a Lunar New Year celebration this weekend but I didn't notice anything different or special at the park for it so we're just going to assume that it got cancelled. There was no big overarching theme of differences this time around but there were plenty of small changes, so let's get started!

Misc Changes

Misc Changes Let's start with walking into the park: there are plenty of signs all throughout the walk and into the park reminding guests to convert to a 2023 season pass

Misc Changes At the park entrance, the HitP decorations have been taken down

Misc Changes And as you would expect, the tree in the main plaza is down

Misc Changes Both Monkey Business and Thrilla Gorilla have been opened up again after being enclosed for Christmas and Thanksgiving

Misc Changes And they both actually got fresh signs since their old ones were getting pretty faded

Misc Changes All of the water rides at the park were closed again...

Misc Changes Although the penguins in the infield remained up!

Misc Changes The bumper cars on the other hand, remained enclosed

Misc Changes Kong was closed for the day being refurbished

Misc Changes Good news! There's work over at the Flash site. I didn't get him in the shot but there was a maintenance guy walking around the site

Misc Changes Kinda hard to see here but they're putting the train back on the track!! I think this is good news and I'm hoping that this means it'll be open for the summer!

Misc Changes Heading over to the Sidewinder Safari Plaza, the Dead Man's Party stage is finally down and the plaza looks much more open

Misc Changes Unfortunately, Tava's Jungleland looks like it'll stay closed for a while. There's a path carved out for access to the theater

Misc Changes But elsewhere, the Fright Fest decorations are still up

Misc Changes Presumably they'd have to come down if it was going to reopen this summer. Maybe they just haven't gotten around to it yet?

Misc Changes The rides in the area are somewhat in pieces though, leading me to think it's option #1

Misc Changes And Seaside Junction is closed too leaving us with one open kid's area

Misc Changes The butterflies remain closed for the winter

Misc Changes But that was the only animal related disappointment of the day. The penguins are back!!

Misc Changes As are the birds at the entrance to Tava's Jungleland. Looks like the threat of avian flu sufficiently passed

Misc Changes Almost all of the Sidewinder Safari reptile windows had snakes in them, a big change from last time

Misc Changes The former cougar exhibit has a new bridge that wasn't there last month. Maybe a new inhabitant coming soon?

Misc Changes Actually, more than any other day at the park, all of the animals were out! Like the giraffe

Misc Changes Or three of the four lions. The keeper told me that they were born at Six Flags Great Adventure which is a kind of cool connection

Misc Changes The tiger was out too. Seriously, it was an amazing day for animals today

Misc Changes I found a couple of interesting signs: first, I've never seen a sign for White Water Safari before

Misc Changes And I found a V2 sign!

Misc Changes Over at the Hammerhead site, nothing much has changed

Misc Changes The wall at the Tazmanian Devil site is back up but nothing much else is new

Misc Changes Saw some characters out today which was nice to see!

Misc Changes Today was a great day for rides, nothing much had a line and most everything (minus Flash and Kong) was open

Misc Changes There was a good amount of signage around the park for Mardi Gras. That'll be my next visit!

And that'll finish up our update for today! It really was a great day at the park. The weather was sunny and pretty, all of the animals were out and crowds were very minimal. My next visit at the park will be in February where I'll check out the Mardi Gras festival!