Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - February 1st, 2020

Small changes in the park!

It's been nearly a month since I last came to SFDK so I thought it was just about time to come back and check out what's been going on! TL;DR not a ton but there are a few interesting changes!

Table of Contents

General Updates

SFDK General Updates Nothing shocking here but the bumper cars aren't on the list

SFDK General Updates I've teased SFDK in the past for not having accurate maps but this one in the entry plaza is up to date!

SFDK General Updates I will say that Kong always looks good (but could look better with a repaint!)

SFDK General Updates So this closed off area I've mentioned in prior updates looks like it's a shortcut into Kong's queue. Does anyone know why this was here?

SFDK General Updates Continuing this mini Kong update, I don't think I've ever seen this tagline being used, Kinda cool!

SFDK General Updates This has to be one of the more interesting collection of rides in one picture: top notch floorless coaster, small Zierer coaster, S&S 4D Freespin, weird Intamin Impulse, RMC and Skyrocket 2. Glad we have it here in NorCal!

SFDK General Updates Found this interesting looking statue in Tava's Jungleland. Looks like it's some sort of speaker or sprayer

SFDK General Updates Won't be too long before White Water Safari is open again!

SFDK General Updates The butterfly exhibit is open again after being closed for a few months

SFDK General Updates Walked up to HQCC and didn't see the sign and thought it was open. Nope the sign is just hiding a little bit.

SFDK General Updates Yep, definitely not open

SFDK General Updates And the seats were even off the vehicle

SFDK General Updates Joker was running incredibly today! I feel like I've said that the past few times. Only running one train but that train was moving!

SFDK General Updates I <3 the stall the most. Not quite as crazy as Goliath @ SFGAm but not that far off

SFDK General Updates On a sad note, the tables near Joker have been removed. Hopefully that's temporary since they were the best place to sit with your Big Belly Burger food and watch the rides - they were always full

SFDK General Updates Was a beautiful day to get shots of Superman's red track against the blue sky!

SFDK General Updates I'm 70% sure don't remember seeing the boats in shrink wrap before. Maybe the fact that they're there means that it's not terribly far from reopening?

SFDK General Updates I also don't remember this entrance to Looney Tune's Seaport by Totally Kickin Chicken. IT was either closed or I'm not very observant!

HiTP Cleanup

SFDK HiTP Cleanup No more giant ornament on the front SFDK sign

SFDK HiTP Cleanup The bumper cars are no longer a maze or a skating rink!

SFDK HiTP Cleanup That's my first official sign that summer isn't too far away!

SFDK HiTP Cleanup Oasis Plaza is no longer themed to toys!

SFDK HiTP Cleanup Nor do toys roam the walkway back to Medusa and Kong

SFDK HiTP Cleanup No poinsetta tree in front of the dolphin stadiums

SFDK HiTP Cleanup And no tree in the main plaza

SFDK HiTP Cleanup But HiTP isn't all gone yet! The last reminder I can find is this sign in front of the bumper cars

Sidewinder Safari

SFDK Sidewinder Safari And for your monthly SS update: nothing has happened!

SFDK Sidewinder Safari This piece still sits here

SFDK Sidewinder Safari I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't know where exactly in this area the coaster will go. But I assume this will be the entrance

SFDK Sidewinder Safari Maybe it'll go here?


It was a great day to see the animals today at SFDK! Since it was only around 65* and sunny it was warm enough without being too hot. That meant that plenty of animals were out for the day! Here are a few of my favorite shots I took of them.

SFDK Animal Pictures Temple of the Tiger was starting when I was walking by so I couldn't pass up watching the show!

SFDK Animal Pictures Too cold today to have them swim but they still jump!

SFDK Animal Pictures The climbing is my favorite part of the show!

SFDK Animal Pictures I think this is the closest I've ever seen the giraffes

SFDK Animal Pictures Seems like they enjoy the weather as much as I do

SFDK Animal Pictures The shark swimming with his fin just poking out of the water had me humming the Jaws theme

Even though not a ton has changed at the park, I still had a great time with light crowds and lots of animals out. If you have the chance, make your way out to SFDK over the next few weekends to enjoy what's sure to be a good time at the park! And stay tuned for more coverage of SFDK!