Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - March 6th, 2021

Batman Testing & Renaissance Fair at the park!

Well, this definitely isn't the update that I expected to write. I thought I'd be mostly talking about the Renaissance Fair but then Gov Newsom unveiled the new industry guidelines for theme parks that stated that they could reopen in the red tier. The path to reopening is now much clearer for our NorCal parks, especially CGA, which as of the writing of this post is in the red tier and could hypothetically open today if wanted, but also SFDK which is hopefully only a couple of weeks from reaching the red tier itself. I will caution readers of this update to not get your hopes up too much for all of the rides at SFDK to reopen exactly on April 1st as their are real issues blocking their opening. Namely ride safety and recertification/training since the rides haven't run at all over the last year and also economic concerns (does it make more sense to run SFDK as a park with an initial 15% capacity vs a zoo with a much higher capacity?). But regardless, the fact that the parks have much clearer, more achievable guidance from the state is a really welcome change!

As we've been doing lately, here's a video version of this update if you prefer your updates in video form:

Table of Contents

Reopening Ride Activity

And the first piece we'll take a look at involves some rides prepping for reopening:

Reopening Ride Activity Boomerang's Train now sits uncovered in the station. Previously over the closure it was either covered or off the track

Reopening Ride Activity Same with Kong. Hopefully we'll get the chance to ride it soon!

Reopening Ride Activity One of the pieces in Tava's Jungleland that was taken apart last month is starting to make its way back together

Reopening Ride Activity If you look closely you can spot some maintenance workers working on some of the rides at Looney Tunes Seaport

Reopening Ride Activity And most excitingly, Batman was testing!! It only ran a couple of cycles that I saw but considering it was the first ride I've seen running in the state of CA since March, that's pretty exciting! I assume that it's part of the recertification/training procedures that are starting up again.

Renaissance Fair

The other big headliner this month is the Renaissance Days fair that is at SFDK on weekends in March.

Renaissance Fair The entire front plaza is taken over by shops and booths selling various things

Renaissance Fair From masks...

Renaissance Fair To jewelry...

Renaissance Fair To drinkware...

Renaissance Fair And baskets...

Renaissance Fair And perfume...

Renaissance Fair And more jewelry...

Renaissance Fair And clothes of course

Renaissance Fair There were a surprising amount of shops in the area.

Renaissance Fair I really liked this sign on one of the shops

Renaissance Fair And of course, what's a good fair without turkey legs?

Renaissance Fair It also had some sweeter options like cupcakes

Renaissance Fair Or my personal favorite: candied nuts

Renaissance Fair They were so good, I had to get a to go portion for myself

Renaissance Fair The stage also played host to some appropriate musical entertainment

Renaissance Fair Overall, I'm always impressed with what SFDK has done to keep the park interesting a fresh during the time that the rides are closed. I really enjoyed my time at the park this month. If you get the chance, definitely come down and check out the Fair before it leaves at the end of March!

General Park Updates

General Park Updates As expected since the park remains in the purple tier, the aquarium remains closed

General Park Updates Sidewinder Safari update: still nothing...

General Park Updates Looking at the other side


Animals Today was the first day I went into the butterfly exhibit

Animals I was really impressed with it! It was nice and warm and so many of the butterflies were beautifully colored and patterned

Animals It was kinda crazy walking along and watching 3 or 4 butterflies cut you off as you walked along the path

Animals But it's not just butterflies, this bird was hanging out too!

Animals SFDK's cougar was celebrating its birthday!

Animals And it celebrated by napping which to be fair is a great way to celebrate

Animals Giraffes were out and eating

Animals The seals are funny, they're like big dogs begging for table scraps

Animals I was amazed by how colorful this parrot is!

And that'll wrap up our update for today! It's been really exciting to see some firm dates for when our parks can reopen! I look forward to seeing when SFDK reopens. And when it does, you know we'll be there to cover it! We'll be back at the park in April!