Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - March 16th, 2024

Scream Break and a New Dolphin Exhibit

I'm back with another visit to SFDK! Ended up having more travel around the country in February than I initially planned so I wasn't able to make it out for Mardi Gras but I hope you'll accept this opening day Scream Break update instead!

Of course, Scream Break is the headliner here. It's a similar event to what was given to us last year but scaled down a little bit. My initial reaction is one of disappointment. Not only at the scaling back but at the pricing as well. With that little tease, let's start the update!

Table of Contents

Scream Break

Scream Break To start with, you can find signage everywhere for Scream Break!

Scream Break Instead of being centered around DC Universe and its entrance this year, instead the main action happens in the games area

Scream Break Do you remember the new Fright Fest house this year? Well, it's back!

Scream Break That house being Club Fear in 3D

Scream Break So let's talk about the good, I like the signage!

Scream Break I love a good themed poster

Scream Break But now let's talk about the bad. First, it's am upcharge like it was last year. But this year, passholders have to pay which I'm not happy about. Second, where's the scare zone? There was a little scare zone that we saw last year that was so much fun. Apparently I'm not the only one to be disappointed, this is the line pretty much every time I walked by. And I heard multiple people make their way to the front of the line and then turn around and walk away when they realized it was an upcharge. Such a disappointment for an event I was effusive about last year

Scream Break The other fun part of the event last year was the DJ, foam cannon and dancing scareactors that played when the sun went down. This year there was just this poor DJ who wasn't even given any shade

Scream Break The themed food also seemed a little cut back. The newly named Toon Treats seemed to be the only store selling any special food

Scream Break To be fair, the tots looked pretty good

Scream Break As did the margarita flight

But yeah, that's all we got for Scream Break this year. I'm glad the park brought it back but I was disappointed by the execution. Last year's event was so much more fun and I'd urge the park to bring it back closer to what we had last year although I understand that that may not be as viable given the next addition we'll talk about.

New Dolphin Exhibit

New Dolphin Exhibit So when I walked into the entrance plaza I was greeted by these signs over the dolphin viewing windows

New Dolphin Exhibit And this one at the aquatic stadium

New Dolphin Exhibit So when I finally headed over to the entrance of DC Universe, I was greeted by this new stand

New Dolphin Exhibit And this new exhibit entrance

New Dolphin Exhibit The new exhibit opens up this little pathway that was used as the scare zone in Scream Break last year

New Dolphin Exhibit Along the way you'll find some cute little dolphin signs on the wall

New Dolphin Exhibit These were the tanks used for the swim with dolphins experience which I believe is still operating

New Dolphin Exhibit And here's the viewing window!

New Dolphin Exhibit Unfortunately the water is pretty green which makes viewing the dolphins hard

This is what I assume our new addition this year. I don't have a ton to say about the whole exhibit since it's pretty simple but I am glad to see a change. More interestingly I want to speculate a little about the stadiums. First, if I was a betting man, I'd bet that the stadiums will be coming back after a little refurb, at least one of the stadiums. But if I were to put on my fun speculation hat, I would say that between the two stadiums, the festival grounds that are only sporadically used, the old Pacific Rim theater and Tazmanian Devil area, that's a loooooooooot of land that could be redeveloped. If the park wants to steer itself away from dolphin shows, that could be a viable option. But we'll see! Could be a very interesting few years ahead for us.

Food Changes

Food Changes I wanted to call out some interesting food related changes. Frist, Seaside Sandwiches has its sign back up! Looks like this stand should be opening soon!

Food Changes What used to be Totally Kickin Chicken that became an ice cream stand is now back to Kickin Chicken

Food Changes Here's the menu part 1

Food Changes And part 2. Good on the park for expanding food options

Food Changes Over at the front of the park, the candy store ended up getting transformed into Cartoon Candy Cafe which serves drinks in addition to candy!

Food Changes I always was a little surprised not to see a Satrbucks in the park even if this isn't a true Starbucks

Food Changes Let's wrap up this section with the worst change: Six Flags is doing the same BS that the Sea World parks have done. Just raise the prices! Stop nickeling and diming with these little hidden fees

Other Changes

Other Changes Let's take a peek at some smaller changes!

Other Changes Flash is doing Flash things

Other Changes The train is sitting on the ground near the ride. At least the sign says that it's opening soon?

Other Changes I caught Superman running for the first time in a while

Other Changes The sign at the walrus exhibit is down

Other Changes I think at this point we can stop watching this

Other Changes There's a little show playing over in Looney Tunes Seaport. This show was fun for kids!

Other Changes The ugly shack is finally gone in front of the aquarium!

Other Changes Looks like Monkey Business and Thrilla Gorilla is going to stay enclosed year round!

Other Changes White Water Safari can't be too long from opening for the season! We needed it today, it was warm out

Other Changes I know I covered this in December but I'm still very glad to see the animals back on display near SS

Other Changes The splash pad in Tava's Jungleland is down for maintenance

Other Changes That's the theme of the next few changes. Boomerang is down with no car on the track

Other Changes Scatabout is as well

Other Changes Does redeveloped mean removed? Flash and other closed rides have "reopening soon"

Other Changes Like this sign in front of Kong

Other Changes It's actually been closed for so long. The train was on the transfer. I'm hoping that we can get one of the new trains. I actually visited Six Flags Mexico last weekend and their SLC was almost fun with the new train. I'd like to see Kong get the same!

Other Changes There were plenty of opportunities for kids to meet their favorite characters!

Other Changes And finally, this is kinda cool! Maybe I'm crazy but I'd actually consider having this done

So I came in a little strong with my criticsm of Scream Break. And I stand by it, I think I have a duty to be fair to you all and give my honest opinion. Continuing on that thread, I am disappointed with the number of closed rides, but that's hopefully a temporary issue that I can overlook. On the positive side, I have noticed and repeatedly pointed out the tons of new signs and fresh paint you can see throughout the park. The park is putting a lot of effort into beautifying itself and I want to say that I notice it and I think everyone does, even if it's not a 100% conscious noticing. But that's our update for the day! We'll be back in a couple months to check out what's going on at the park!