Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - April 2nd, 2022

Sidewinder Safari Construction

It's been a long time since my last visit to SFDK but I couldn't stay away after seeing so much progress on SS. And I was impressed, the ride looks like it's a month or two away from opening! I can't wait to see it. But we also went to check out the deconstruction sites we covered in our last update and take a peek at some other smaller updates, like ride openings. Let's get going!

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Sidewinder Safari

Sidewinder Safari Signage for the ride is a lot more prevalent

Sidewinder Safari Including at the front of the park

Sidewinder Safari I liked this one that had a QR code on it

Sidewinder Safari The crane erecting the ride can be seen from many places throughout the park

Sidewinder Safari And it towers over Tava's Jungleland

Sidewinder Safari But here's a look at the progress itself

Sidewinder Safari I wasn't a big fan of this signage the first time I saw it but it's grown on me a ton

Sidewinder Safari Another look of the overall progress

Sidewinder Safari The station looked like it was starting to go up the weekend I went

Sidewinder Safari The cars are on the track

Sidewinder Safari And they look great

Sidewinder Safari I love the snake heads on the cars

Sidewinder Safari The ride's colors looks great

Sidewinder Safari The green and the yellow really seem to pop!

Sidewinder Safari The fence surrounding the ride has signs warning you about safety...

Sidewinder Safari As well as promoting the ride

Sidewinder Safari Looks like the former Odin's Snack Shack stand will live on as Sidewinder Snacks

Sidewinder Safari Zamperla, the ride manufacturer, has a container set up on site

Sidewinder Safari Let's take a different look at the ride construction: the path from the tigers to the Sidewinder Safari plaza is blocked off

Sidewinder Safari With a sign on it promoting the ride

Sidewinder Safari The cougar exhibit has a construction sign on it as well which seems to be related to the SS construction

Sidewinder Safari Let's take one last look at the ride from the back angle

Sidewinder Safari

Ride Deconstruction

Nothing too much to report on the ride deconstructions we covered last update but wanted to give some new pictures.

Ride Deconstruction The area formerly occupied by Voodoo

Ride Deconstruction The area formerly occupied by Tazmanian Devil

Ride Deconstruction The area formerly occupied by Harley Quinn

Misc Updates

Misc Updates The park was celebrating Spring Break. That meant some decorations...

Misc Updates ...and a DJ at the front stage

Misc Updates Seaside Sandwiches now serves turkey and mashed potatoes

Misc Updates This building near the foot of Toyota Stadium has become a Looney Tunes character photo area

Misc Updates It wasn't open when I walked by but it's good to see more character interaction!

Misc Updates Kinda random but this small grate on the back walk was closed off

Misc Updates Tigris Emporium was open for the first time I've seen it in a long time

Misc Updates Glad to see Monsoon Falls open for the first time since before the pandemic

Misc Updates Flash had a sign on it that said that the ride was scheduled to reopen soon

Misc Updates Glad to see that and I hope that it happens. Regardless, the ride plaza remains closed

Misc Updates I don't think I've ever seen a Luvdisc being offered in a Pokemon vending machine. Kind of a cool Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon to offer

Misc Updates The Six Below ice cream stand near Seaside Junction was closed and the signage removed

Misc Updates As was the one at the front of the park. I hope it comes back in some form, I liked the ice cream!

Animal & Ride Pictures

Animal & Ride Pictures I went to see Drenched today. I don't remember it being so music heavy in the past not that I'm complaining

Animal & Ride Pictures Boomerang slithers through its course

Animal & Ride Pictures This croc was enjoying a nice sunny day out

Animal & Ride Pictures I was hoping to ride Joker this visit but the ride was down in the morning and when it reopened it already had a longer line than I wanted to wait in

Animal & Ride Pictures I got to see the seals being fed for the first time today and I enjoyed watching the animals beg like dogs for the snacks

Animal & Ride Pictures I always enjoy taking pictures of Wonder Woman

Animal & Ride Pictures This penguin looked like he hadn't quite matured enough yet for his permanent coat

I enjoyed my visit to the park this time around! I promise it'll be much shorter of a time frame before my next visit. Looking forward to seeing more construction as the ride gets closer to open, but I'll keep you up to date!