Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - July 5th, 2022

Sidewinder Safari a month later & Ride Updates

Another month another check in at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! Nothing as new or crazy this month as there was last month but there was some new things to check out! In this update, we'll check out Sidewinder Safari a month after opening, the removed ride areas in the park and the status of some rides.

Table of Contents

Sidewinder Safari

Sidewinder Safari A month after opening, how is everything looking? Pretty good! First, we have some new signs up for the ride throughout the park

Sidewinder Safari The ride looks just as vibrant as ever. It was suffering from some downtime when I was there but looked to be back up soon

Sidewinder Safari The field behind the ride looked a little different and had this cherry picker parked in it

Sidewinder Safari And something happened to this pavement near the ride. Unfortunately a lot of the snakes still weren't in their exhibits but hopefully they will be soon

Removed Rides

Removed Rides This month brings us some landscaping work at the site of formerly removed rides

Removed Rides Like here at the Voodoo spot

Removed Rides Actually workers were clearing out the brush behind it. What does that mean? Almost certainly nothing for now but worth keeping our eyes on since between the Skycoaster site, Voodoo and the area behind it, there's some space, doubly or triply so if you add White Water Safari's plot

Removed Rides Similarly there's also some landscaping being done at the Tazmanian Devil site

Removed Rides Can't wait to see what happens here!

Removed Rides Harley Quinn looks the same. This is the last of it you'll hear about from me until something changes

Removed Rides Hammerhead looks pretty similar

Removed Rides Except the sign is removed!

Rides Status

Ride Status White Water Safari remains closed

Ride Status Not sure why it's closed in the middle of summer

Ride Status These cars look like they haven't been used in a while

Ride Status But in better news, Wonder Woman was open again!

Ride Status As was the rock climbing wall which I haven't seen operating since at least before the pandemic

General Updates

General Updates New at the park is Evenings at the Grove

General Updates It is the food and drink type festival that's popular at Great America

General Updates I believe it happens back here. I'd like to check it out at some point!

General Updates The corn stand was open for the first time in a long while

General Updates Being a cooler day, a lot of the animals were out!

General Updates The Dolphin Harbor stadium has become Toyota Stadium at least according to this sign

General Updates The main entrance however does not have the sign

General Updates But what has been known as Toyota Stadium was closed. Is that for good or just temporary? We'll have to see

General Updates Like other parks in the chain, Six Flags now sells one time use Flash Passes for rides, in this case Dare Devil Dive

General Updates I missed the main 4th of July celebration but it looks like the park is (or at least was) still selling some drinks for it

General Updates Some work being done to the dolphin encounter area that looks into DC Universe

General Updates Port of Call has some fresh new paint courtesy of Napa Smith brewery

General Updates Shark Encounter has some nice new signage

General Updates Even though it's still the same walkthrough

General Updates Outpost Cafe has some new seating out front instead of the queue and railing

General Updates I love walking up to the park and seeing Medusa as you walk in. No better way to start your day!

General Updates There was a Looney Tunes Dance Off at the main stage. I did actually see a couple of costumed characters walking around which I haven't seen in a while

General Updates Of course the park was decorated for the 4th

General Updates Lots of flags!

General Updates And merch being sold as you'd expect

And that'll wrap up the update from this month. Good to have a quieter month at the park and good to see all the rides again! I'll be back at the park at the end of August to cover the 5k happening at the park!