Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - August 1st, 2021

Ride Reopenings, Further Ride Redevelopment and More!

So in this update we're finally headed back to SFDK which we last visited at the end of May! Although there aren't any changes quite as dramatic as there were last update, there are a good couple of them, mostly centered around rides reopening. But that's not all, we finally see some signs of potential future redevelopment at a couple of closed rides which I eagerly await to see what happens with. And of course, there will be plenty of small updates along the way. So let's get started!

And yep, I'll be the first to tell you that I'm slow with this update, I'm sorry! Ended up having a busy couple of weeks and if I'm going to be honest with myself, I wasn't feeling it a ton lately anyways. But I'm feeling a lot more motivated again and I'm ready to get this update out!

Ride Reopenings

Ride Reopenings This month brought a new set of ride reopenings, starting with the Bumper Cars!

Ride Reopenings So glad to see guests having fun bumping each other after a year and change of sitting closed

Ride Reopenings Boomerang was open as well, the first time I've seen it open since the rides at the park reopened

Ride Reopenings Is that what I think it is??

Ride Reopenings It is!

Ride Reopenings White Water Safari was testing again! It wasn't open when I walked by and allegedly didn't open after I left but reopened a couple of days later

Ride Reopenings Can't believe we haven't seen this ride since summer of 2019. We really are starting to get back to normal!

Ride Reopenings But adult rides aren't the only ones that reopened since my last visit

Ride Reopenings Tava's Jungleland actually had most of its rides running! Guess that "Closed for the Season" sign from a month or two ago wasn't literal

Ride Reopenings Similarly, Looney Tunes Seaport had most of its rides opened as well (same with Seaside Junction)

Construction & Redevelopment

Now that we've talked about the rides reopening, let's talk about some of the rides that weren't so lucky. Like I mentioned, there wasn't anything quite as dramatic as last visit but we still had some excitement.

Construction & Redevelopment Let's start with Sidewinder Safari

Construction & Redevelopment A whole lot of nothing has happened, right? Well, mostly right...

Construction & Redevelopment But not completely right! What used to be Odin's Snack Shack has been torn apart. Maybe the first sign of construction of SS resuming? I'll keep my eye out

Construction & Redevelopment Staying close to the SS site, the old Skyflyer station now has this interesting sign on it

Construction & Redevelopment As does Tazmanian Devil. Like I've mentioned a couple of times, I don't expect major investment anytime soon after COVID but long term this might be something to keep our eye on

Construction & Redevelopment HQCC on the other hand still sits as it was

Construction & Redevelopment Flash remains closed

Construction & Redevelopment But the mask rest area at the entrance is gone and the train is no longer in the station. That's something a little different!

Misc Updates

Now that we've talked about the major ride doings around the park, let's go through some misc updates.

Misc Updates The park no longer does temperature checks at the entrance but the improved security scanners are still in place. Good work Six Flags, those scanners are much better!

Misc Updates Like the sign says, masks are no longer required in the park but still encouraged for the unvaccinated

Misc Updates Most of the maps around the park have been replaced by the new ones that I mentioned last week. Of note is no Skycoaster, HQCC and Tazmanian Devil

Misc Updates Some animal exhibits were closed, like the Butterfly exhibit...

Misc Updates But others were finally open, like the sharks!

Misc Updates It was good to be able to see these amazing animals up close

Misc Updates And the exhibit itself looked much better than I remember it looking. I think the park took some of the extra time they had and did a little refurb

Misc Updates A handful of the other closed stores in the park were reopened too, like Coaster Candy

Misc Updates Tbh I don't think I've ever seen the crepes stand open, even pre-pandemic

Misc Updates Like the park has done in the past, there were food trucks set up for guests in the park, in this case by the stingray exhibit

Misc Updates And the park needed the capacity, it was packed today! Good for Six Flags though!

Misc Updates As always I like to finish the update with some pictures I took. The first one is a lion sitting majestically on the rock

Misc Updates Balanced out by another shot that shows that at the end of the day, they're just big cats

Misc Updates But Medusa remains the most photogenic thing at the park in my opinion

So like I mentioned, not a ton new at the park this month but definitely enough to keep it interesting. I look forward to seeing what the park does with the land they've been able to reclaim by removing some rides and I'm glad that there's some activity at the Sidewinder Safari site even if it's not on the ride itself. My next visit at the park will probably be at the beginning of September where I'll hopefully get to check out some Haunt construction!