Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - August 28th, 2022

Ride Updates & Fright Fest construction

It's been a little more than a month since we last took a look at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom so we're back! Not too much going on in this update but there is a little more movement at some of the removed ride sites and of course, the setup of Fright Fest which is rapidly approaching! As we always do, let's walk around the park and check out what's new!

Table of Contents

Removed Rides

Removed Rides The most interesting ride removal update has to be at the former Hammerhead site

Removed Rides As you can see, all of the queue has gotten torn up!

Removed Rides Headed over to Tazmanian Devil, there's a new wall up blocking the view of the former ride site

Removed Rides The former Voodoo site also has a wall up

Removed Rides But this one you can see around and there's not a ton going on

Fright Fest Setup

Fright Fest Setup After CGA canceled Halloween Haunt, Fright Fest is the only adult Halloween event in a theme park in the Bay Area!

Fright Fest Setup And this month sees the park getting ready. Tava's Jungleland is home to this scary structure

Fright Fest Setup Wonder what the theme is here

Fright Fest Setup The maze takes up most of the area which is closed to guests in the meantime

Fright Fest Setup Heading over to the Toyota Stadium landing, we see another maze being set up

Fright Fest Setup This features cars and barrels

Fright Fest Setup Among other props

Fright Fest Setup Seems to me like it'll be some sort of apocalypse theme

Fright Fest Setup But we'll see!

Fright Fest Setup Can't believe it's almost time for Fright Fest! This is the best time of the year

Fright Fest Setup The rest of the park is starting to feature little touches as well, like this carriage on the former Sky Coaster pad

Misc Updates

Misc Updates Today was the DC Superheroes Run. I ran in the event and had a good time!

Misc Updates The course took us from the parking lot, through a lap of the park and finally back to the start, all mapped out with these orange tape markings that remained the afternoon after

Misc Updates Unfortunately, the tables near Joker are gone again. I'm sure they'll be back eventually!

Misc Updates Flash remains closed unfortunately with the entrance plaza still blocked off

Misc Updates The sting ray exhibit was similarly closed

Misc Updates The former Six Below stand still lacks signage and was not open but it had a menu displayed

Misc Updates Looks like a generic ice cream stand

Misc Updates And here's a peak at some of the flavors. Hopefully this opens soon!

Misc Updates Seaside Junction was closed today

Misc Updates Not sure if this is a Fright Fest thing or just something I missed the day I visited but there's what looks to be a fall themed snake encounter set up near the back entrance to Tava's Jungleland

Misc Updates The giraffe's were as photogenic as always

Misc Updates And the lion was lounging around like a cat, enjoying the weather

Misc Updates The patch of concrete near Sidewinder Safari has been completely repaired

Misc Updates The former Skycoaster counter has become an info booth

Misc Updates This Coca Cola dreamworld stand was set up near Medusa

Misc Updates And finally, on some weekdays through the rest of the year, the park will open in the Marine World Experience configuration that the park started during the pandemic with mostly animals and only a subset of more family rides being open. Cool idea from the park!

That'll wrap up our quick update for the day. Not too much has changed at the park this month and what was changed was mostly concentrated around some ride removal cleanup and preparation for SFDK's Halloween event. Our next update from the park was be for that aforementioned Halloween event: Fright Fest!