Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - October 2nd, 2022

Fright Fest is Here!

Today we check out SFDK for the park's annual Halloween event! Well actually, this year the park has three different Halloween events so let's talk about them!

Six Flags Halloween Halloween at SFDK is in 3 parts: Boo Fest, Oktoberfest and Fright Fest. Let's talk through all 3!

Table of Contents

Boo Fest

Boo Fest is SFDK's kids daytime Halloween event. I see it in two pieces, the kids Halloween events in Looney Tunes Harbor and the special animal shows.

Boo Fest The Acme play area in Looney Tunes Harbor was transformed into an upcharge mirror maze

Boo Fest Looks like a decent sized one since the play area is pretty big

Boo Fest Throughout the Harbor was a series of Trick or Treat stations where kids could get some candy

Boo Fest I like the color on the little stations

Boo Fest The other aspect of Boo Fest (in my eyes at least) are the animal shows. I checked out the dolphin show

Boo Fest It features some new theming throughout the area and the keepers in skeleton outfits

Boo Fest The dolphins remain as talented as ever

Boo Fest

Boo Fest SFDK Ghoul School comes back as well


Oktoberfest During the day, park goers can enjoy a small taste of Germany in California with Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest The picnic grove had a little setup with some different German foods for sale

Oktoberfest And some entertainers, like this stilt walker!

Oktoberfest Or this person, with some hands?

Fright Fest

Fright Fest But the real star of the show of course is Fright Fest

Fright Fest This year features 5 mazes, 7 ride rethemes...

Fright Fest ...3 scare zones and two shows

Fright Fest The central figure of the year was Maim who had her own show as well

Fright Fest Let's start with some of those ride rethemes. Mostly, they just get some new signs, like Boomerang becoming Double Double Toil and Trouble

Fright Fest But in some cases, like Thrilla Gorilla, they got enclosed. changing the ride experience a little

Fright Fest Along the same lines, some of the gift shops got renames as wll, like the Butterfly gift shop becoming Acropolis Collectibles

Fright Fest And like in years past, the games get little rethemes too

Fright Fest As mentioned, the park features 5 houses, including the Sulfur City Society...

Fright Fest Or CarnEvil (which I thought was a Cedar Fair thing?)

Fright Fest I didn't go through the mazes since they cost extra but they looked like fun!

Fright Fest I did stand here for a minute and watch people running terrified out of this maze

Fright Fest Moving over to the scare zones, Nightmare Hollow ran on the back walkway of the park

Fright Fest The theming ranged from decaying gothic cathedral

Fright Fest To coffins...

Fright Fest To a random shark?

Fright Fest I liked this little picture opportunity

Fright Fest I think this random crib was part of the Dead Man's Party scare zone?

Fright Fest The nursery was all covered up. I'd assume it was to hide the animals from any strobe lights from Dead Man's Party but I'm not 100% sure

Fright Fest DMP had a stage next to the VIP lounge

Fright Fest The portion of DMP near Sidewinder Safari was great! Check out the intro the the video to see the energy some of the scareactors brought

Fright Fest And speaking of VIP lounge, the former Skycoaster site was paved over and a VIP lounge appeared behind it, next to the info booth we mentioned earlier

Fright Fest Continuing on, Creepshow Freakshow was the scarezone at the Toyota Stadium entrance plaza near the former Tazmanian Devil ride. It was clown themed as you'd expect

Fright Fest The coolest part was some former ride vehicles

Fright Fest Like Hammerhead!

Fright Fest Or Harley Quinn, may she rest in peace (my unpopular opinion is that I didn't hate the ride and thought it was kinda fun)

Fright Fest I'm not sure if it's technically a part of Creepshow Freakshow but the walkway from the Toyota Stadium to the Medusa plaza was full of rotting pumpkins

Fright Fest And some scareactors, like this chainsaw guy that I really enjoyed watching terrorize people

Fright Fest Kinda random, not sure where to put this but I liked this little touch of adding cobwebs to closed ride vehicles

Fright Fest SFDK put on a great event as always! Some of the scareactors brought some great energy and it's always great to have a scary Halloween event in an area

Misc Updates

Misc Updates It's tough to see from this picture but the entire former SkyCoaster pad has been paved over. It's a VIP area right now which I'm thinking might stick around

Misc Updates Especially given the VIP area near the picnic grove that's less Halloween themed

Misc Updates Looking over towards Hammerhead, the queue area got repaved with new concrete. The rest of the removed rides had no noticeable progress

So that'll wrap up our update! Hopefully you have a good idea of what to expect from FrightFest now! It was a ton of fun and a highlight of the park's season. If you can check it out before the season ends! I'll be back at the park in November or December to cover Holiday in the Park!