Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - October 14th, 2023

Fright Fest Returns for 2023!

And just like we brought you our first update from CGA in a while, we're back from SFDK too! Obviously, the big event this time of year is Fright Fest. We'll have coverage from that event but also bring you some info about Oktoberfest that's happening the same time and Boo Fest for kids as well as some small updates in the park. Let's go!

Table of Contents


Oktoberfest This year sees a return of the Oktoberfest event during the day!

Oktoberfest But this year, it takes place inside the festival grounds under the former Toyota Stadium!

Oktoberfest When you talk about Oktoberfest, you have to start with food and drinks! Here's an overview of what you might find

Oktoberfest The popcorn stand sells popcorn and pretzels!

Oktoberfest Wurst and Kraut sells, well, bratwurst and sauerkraut!

Oktoberfest The menu

Oktoberfest The former Macho Nacho has become OktoberFeast!

Oktoberfest And it sells a variety of German food

Oktoberfest And of course, what would Oktoberfest be without beer?

Oktoberfest This year we see a band performing traditional German music for guests!

Oktoberfest I think this is supposed to be some sort of beer pong type game? A bunch of kids were playing with the soccer ball you would use

Oktoberfest Yep, plenty of beer decorations, must be Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest And finally there was a little souvenir stand for you to buy German and Oktoberfest gear!

Overall, the event is much expanded from where it was a year ago! The area seemed to be decently crowded with lots of people enjoying the entertainment. SFDK is really learning how to put on a good set of events with this, Boo Fest and Fright Fest!

Boo Fest

Boo Fest Like last year, Boo Fest returns as the family friendly daytime Halloween event!

Boo Fest And like Oktoberfest, this year it was expanded!

Boo Fest Love this big ghost inflatable at the entrance to the area!

Boo Fest Starting off, the Twick or Tweat Twail is back! Kids can go to the various little booths throughout the area and get some candy!

Boo Fest New this year is Harvest Hedges, a little hedge maze

Boo Fest As well as a little corn maze!

Boo Fest The Spooky Show happens at this little stage inside of Looney Tunes Seaport

Boo Fest When I saw this I was so curious to what it could be

Boo Fest It's this cute little seating area! Kinda random to name it but I love the corn. Feels private and very Halloween

Boo Fest Since the sign counts it as part of Boo Fest, so do I! Ghoul School is back this year as the only modified animal show

Boo Fest This year Boo Fest also expanded to take over Seaside Junction!

Boo Fest It brought with it ride renames!

Boo Fest More ride renames

Boo Fest And more ride renames

Boo Fest But also cookie and pumpkin decorating!

Boo Fest And a cool foam play area!

Boo Fest The former ice cream stand got renamed to Toon Treats

Boo Fest And serves some interesting looking food and drinks

So yeah, as you can see, the event is much expanded this year! And it looked more crowded than ever with tons of families taking advantage of it. Big props to the park for expanding beyond just the normal haunt crowd!

Fright Fest

Fright Fest Fright Fest is finally back! As we always do, let's go around the park and check out what's going on this year!

Fright Fest First off a little table of contents:


Fright Fest | Mazes As always, the mazes are the headliners

Fright Fest | Mazes We see a mix of returning favorites like Lost Souls...

Fright Fest | Scare Zones ...Sulfur City Society which I did for the first time this year...

Fright Fest | Mazes ...or the couple clown mazes...

Fright Fest | Mazes Carnevil

Fright Fest | Mazes Big Top Terror returns

Fright Fest | Mazes As an upcharge again beyond the wristband you need to buy

Fright Fest | Mazes But the new maze this year is "Club Fear in 3D"

Fright Fest | Mazes Which takes place in the bumper cars. I didn't get a chance to try it since it had a long line when I walked by but I always love the concept!

Scare Zones

Fright Fest | Scare Zones The scare zones are always popular being free! One of the new ones this year is Murder Mill

Fright Fest | Scare Zones It features this big spider and is right next to the aquarium

Fright Fest | Scare Zones Next up in the new category is Weeping Wharf

Fright Fest | Scare Zones This one is pretty similar to the one from last year as far as I remember!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones I still love this big shark!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones And the last new zone is Corpse Crossing

Fright Fest | Scare Zones It's on the back pathway of the park

Fright Fest | Scare Zones It features tons of skeletons and tombstones, and this cute orange and black coffin!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones And the scareactors were dressed as such

Fright Fest | Scare Zones Continuing along, let's take a look at the clowns in Slasher Circus, the clown scare zone

Fright Fest | Scare Zones It's not all actors! There are plenty of mannequins. No ride vehicles this year though

Fright Fest | Scare Zones

Fright Fest | Scare Zones These guys sliding around were killing it and scaring so many people!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones This scareactor was headed elsewhere

Fright Fest | Scare Zones Like maybe Dead Man's Party which returns this year!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones And like before at night, they have the DJ spinning and the lights up! Looks like a party to me!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones But of course, the scareactors keep it interesting! This guy was going all out as a zombie!

Fright Fest | Scare Zones

Fright Fest | Scare Zones

Fright Fest | Scare Zones Over near Dead Man's Party, there was a VIP, sorry RIP lounge set up for paying guests


Fright Fest | Rides And like before, SFDK modifies a handful of rides for Halloween

Fright Fest | Rides Like Monkey Business becomes Cauldron Chaos and gets enclosed

Fright Fest | Rides Or Thrilla Gorilla becomes Ape Anarchy

Fright Fest | Rides The Ark -> Dead Man's Float

Fright Fest | Rides Or Boomerang -> Double Double Toil and Trouble


Fright Fest | Entertainment The event had two shows this year! First, Unleashed which was the opening show and takes place on the festival stage at the base of the former Toyota Stadium

Fright Fest | Entertainment And Creepshow Freakshow which is exactly what you'd expect with that name!


Fright Fest | Food And like last year, there's plenty of special food for the event

Fright Fest | Food Mostly served as menu additions on dedicated restaurants

Fright Fest | Food But also at smaller pop up locations like this bar in the former Sky Coaster area


Fright Fest | Other And finally, some smaller things from the event, like decorations!

Fright Fest | Other This photo op was in the central plaza

Fright Fest | Other This banner hung in front of the center stage

Fright Fest | Other I thought these bananas looked so silly being carried around the park

And that wraps up our coverage! I got the chance to do Sulfur City Society this year and was a little disappointed with how few scareactors were in the maze. I did get there right after opening before the huge lines descended on the maze so that's probably the cause and I'm sure it got better later in the night. But again, the scareactors brought tons of energy in the scare zones, especially in Dead Man's Party. This event is always so much fun and I'm so glad that the park has kept it up after CGA switched to family only. Hopefully Haunt continues running for many years!

Smaller Updates

Smaller Updates Let's start off with some disappointing news from Sidewinder Safari

Smaller Updates That's right, all of the snake exhibits are all blocked off in the queue and around the ride

Smaller Updates Very disappointing to see what made the ride unique taken away

Smaller Updates This is the first visit in a while where Kong was running! Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the ride, I'm still happy to see it running

Smaller Updates Since the ride it was named after was removed, Dare Devil Grill has now become "The Grill". It still features the same burger and hot dof filled menu!

Smaller Updates There's signage up in the park listing the 2024 events. Glad to see that Scream Break is coming back to the park!

Smaller Updates The penguins weren't out today. Still plenty of signage up so I just think they're taking a little break

Smaller Updates Over in DC Universe, the big ugly tent got removed

Smaller Updates And a new little turfed area was put in!

Smaller Updates This looks so much better than the big tent!

Smaller Updates The former raised portion of Superman's queue has become a VIP lounge

Smaller Updates This too is nicely turfed and was pretty empty all day

Smaller Updates Batman was lookign great as it ran through its course!

Smaller Updates Over at the former walrus exhibit, the 2024 sign was removed

Smaller Updates Not sure if we should take that as confirmation that the presumed refresh of the exhibit isn't coming next year or if it's just because part of it is being used as a maze

Smaller Updates The former Chop Six location was replaced by a Korean Corn Dog stand!

Smaller Updates It looked so good and I wanted to try it but it had a massive line all day. Next time!

Smaller Updates Props to Discovery Kingdom for trying different food than just standard theme park fare

Smaller Updates Medusa continues to thrill guests 20+ years later!

Smaller Updates From the Sulfur City Society queue you can get some interesting new views of Sidewinder Safari!

Smaller Updates Tava had a brand new sign up!

And there we go! That's an overview of all of the events happening at SFDK right now. Like I mentioned on the CGA post, it's good to have both a scary and a family Halloween in the area. And Oktoberfest and Boo Fest feel much improved from last year. The park continues to make strides in the right direction with new interesting food and beautification of uglier areas. The next event in the park is Holiday in the Park which I'll be there to cover!