Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - December 4th, 2022

Holiday in the Park And Some Other Park Changes!

I'm back at the park this weekend checking out Holiday in the Park! Before we get to this update, a quick disclaimer: I didn't stay for the lights. It was a Sunday and I wanted to get home at a decent time before work tomorrow. My apologies! If you're curious, check out my coverage from 2020 to see what the lights look like. SFDK always does a great job! But let's get into the coverage!

Table of Contents

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park So let's go clockwise through the park and see what the event brings us! Lets start with Twinkling Twee Fowest

Holiday in the Park As you might expect, this featured plenty of lights on the trees!

Holiday in the Park And characters!

Holiday in the Park Continuing around the park, we get to Toy Land which starts around the entrance to DC Universe and continues until around the entrance to Looney Tunes Seaport

Holiday in the Park As you might expect, get ready for giant toys!

Holiday in the Park I'm used to seeing these toys in the Medusa Kong plaza!

Holiday in the Park And we get characters here too!

Holiday in the Park Next up is Winter Wonderlane near the shark aquarium

Holiday in the Park Seems like the theme is snowmen and general Christmas trees

Holiday in the Park Next, we get to Candy Cane Lane which is on the back path. I bet this is pretty at night!

Holiday in the Park The Holiday Market has set up shop in the landing beneath the old Toyota Stadium. This year it features a food shop...

Holiday in the Park And an opportunity to take pictures with Santa

Holiday in the Park The pricing if you're so inclined

Holiday in the Park And going around to Merry Plaza, we've seen all of the themed areas (minus Celebration Station which has a handful of signs celebrating all of the holidays celebrated around the world)!

Holiday in the Park A little more from Merry Plaza

Holiday in the Park As always the stage is set up for the occasion

Holiday in the Park My personal favorite part of the event is the holiday animal shows! This year brings us "A Very Merry Christmas" at the Sea Lion Stadium that I didn't catch

Holiday in the Park And "Dolphin Holiday" which I did

Holiday in the Park I liked this show a lot better than the Halloween one. It had the narrator reading a Christmas story

Holiday in the Park While the dolphins helped decorate the tree and put ornaments on it!

Holiday in the Park Similar to Halloween, this year featured some "themed" rides. Monsoon Falls became "Penguin Plunge"

Holiday in the Park Although I have to ask, who asked for this ride to be open on a cold winter day?? But I actually saw people riding it!

Holiday in the Park And Thrilla Gorilla became Sugar Plum Spin

Holiday in the Park With Monkey Business becoming Peppermint Twirl

Holiday in the Park And both are enclosed with lights and Christmas music which is an extremely cool touch!

Holiday in the Park The bumper cars have become Reindeer Race

Holiday in the Park Which is also enclosed

Holiday in the Park And Wave Swinger became Winter Whirl

Holiday in the Park I love the park doing these! They don't have to but it's the small little touches like enclosing rides and changing them up just a little bit that give variety to the event!

Holiday in the Park Finally, wrapping up some small details, the games once again have holiday overlays

Holiday in the Park The picture opportunity is back at the front of the park. I like it this year!

Holiday in the Park There's a cookie decorating room and smores firepit taking up Kingdom Traders

Holiday in the Park And finally, Yuletide Cafe takes up what used to be a Six Below stand and serves soup and desserts

Closed Ride Updates

Closed Ride Updates So Flash still sits with the same sign at its exit

Closed Ride Updates But on the plus side, its cars were in pieces near the ride. Maybe they'll get put together soon? I think best case for this ride is next summer. Allegedly the ride is expensive to operate with its LIMs and before the pandemic it was regularly a walk on even when the rest of the rides in DC had decent waits. I'm hopeful because the ride is such a unique and cool ride!

Closed Ride Updates Over to the old Tazmanian Devil site, we have a couple sections of fence missing where we can see... Dirt!

Closed Ride Updates All jokes aside it was a change from the last time I visited so I report it. I'll keep an eye on it in the future

Closed Ride Updates But the biggest ride related change was definitely Hammerhead

Closed Ride Updates Gone is the metal ride platform and here is blacktop

Closed Ride Updates Along with it, the former queue that was blacktop is now this red concrete

Closed Ride Updates A quick look over the area

Closed Ride Updates A handful of these little funstruction signs are all over the fences

Closed Ride Updates I wonder if the blacktop here will also get the red concrete

Closed Ride Updates But we'll keep you up to date as the ride continues to get redeveloped

Other Updates

Other Updates The scheduled for 2023 events has dropped. Good to see the park pulling out so many events!

Other Updates I was walking around taking pictures of menus of the restaurants around the park when I noticed that Chop Six no longer has the TVs used as menus. Not sure how long that's been the case.

Other Updates Same with Seaside Sandwiches

Other Updates Throughout the park, there's been a push for upcharge animal tours

Other Updates Like this one that lets you feed the sharks. Also of minor note is that the Shark Treasures gift shop was closed today. Most likely due to the rain and lack of crowds but it's worth watching

Other Updates I want to use this picture of Kong to talk about today. So it was a total washout at the beginning of the day. The park was closed yesterday for rain and at opening today, it was pouring and parts of the paths around the park (like in front of Superman) were 3+ inches deep in water and had to be pumped out. But on the plus side, the rain kept guests away and so I was able to walk onto a handful of rides, including Joker!

Other Updates Interestingly, the Pacific Rim sign was finally removed. I have to assume that's the case since the structure was used for Haunt but I'll keep my eye and see what comes of it

Other Updates Boomerang still had a tarp over its sign even though it's no longer Double Trouble

Other Updates The VIP area didn't seem to be used today. In fact, there were tables back there instead of the cushioned chairs from Halloween. HitP mentions a VIP lounge but I wonder if they're using the one near DC

Other Updates Safari Grill has its sign tarped. It remains closed with the Halloween menu still up

Other Updates And the Dead Man's Party stage remains up

Other Updates Tava's Jungleland remains closed

Other Updates With the store out front closed too

Other Updates It surprised me to still see Halloween props up

Other Updates But not just in Tava, also in front of the old St Hades building

Other Updates Although some are missing. Glad to see the random crib in the old cougar exhibit gone

Other Updates The tiger sign is down too. The tigers weren't there either. I'll keep my eye out for them in the future

Other Updates But the lion was out!

Other Updates I will say that the majority of the Halloween decorations were left up in Tava's Jungleland. I'm curious whether that means it'll just stay closed all year. I hope not but we'll wait and see

Other Updates Like it does most winters, the butterflies are closed and will reopen in the spring

Other Updates The former Kickin Chicken location has been made into Seaport Sweets. It serves a good mix of cold sweet treats including plenty of flavors of ice cream

Other Updates Dole whips have come to SFDK! I love the ones at SFMM and so I'm glad to have it here at Funnel Cake Corner

And that'll finish our update! The park is always a festive and fun place to visit during the holidays and this year is no different. The variety of animal shows with special food, characters and of course the rides make this a must visit event! Make sure to check it out if you can before it ends.