Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - December 14th, 2019

Holiday in the Park & Sidewinder Safari?

It's been a while since I've been to SFDK! I had wanted to go each of the last two weekends but both weekends called for rain in the forecast all day. But Saturday looked good all day so I figured I'd be safe!

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

The big event going on right now is obviously Holiday at the Park and we took advantage of a bunch of the things that the park offers for it.

Ice Skating

Holiday In the Park

So just like CGA, SFDK also has an ice rink that you can skate on. At SFDK it takes the place of the bumper cars and as such accommodates less people than CGA. Also, I thought it was interesting that it didn't look like it was ice that they were skating on, instead it was some kind of plastic. Is there an ice substitute when ice doesn't make sense?

Holiday In the Park The rink had an igloo in the middle

Holiday In the Park And the lights around it was nice too!

Themed Areas

I liked the Christmas themed areas that SFDK has added around the park. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the areas due to unexpected rain in the forecast but expect those pictures within the next few weeks!

Christmas Tree Forest

Holiday In the Park

Christmas Tree Forest was right outside the old 4D simulator and as you can imagine was full of little Christmas trees.

Holiday In the Park

Toy Land

Holiday In the Park

Toy Land is in the Medusa/Kong courtyard and featured plenty of big toys!

Holiday In the Park Santa says hello!

Holiday In the Park As does the toy bear!

Holiday In the Park I really like the small little drummers throughout the area

Candy Cane Lane

Holiday In the Park

Candy Cane Lane is on the walk from the entrance to DC Universe and is full of candy canes and lights!

Merry Marketplace

Holiday In the Park

And Merry Marketplace is near Toyota Stadium and is full of food, drinks and shopping!

Holiday In the Park Take a break and get your pictures taken with Santa!

Tree Lighting

Holiday In the Park

The one holiday show I did take the time to see was the tree lighting. Taking place in the front plaza, it featured a group of dancing characters and then finally a lucky family that got to officially turn on the tree. It was a great way to kick off the night!

Holiday In the Park The mice were the first ones on the stage

Holiday In the Park Gingerbread man leads the beginning of the show

Holiday In the Park Our MC gets introduced

Holiday In the Park Pulling the lever to get the night started!

Holiday In the Park And finally, the tree looks beautiful after it was lit!


When I arrived at around 3 or so, the stage at the front of the park was full of a local youth dance group performing to Christmas tunes.

Holiday In the Park They did a great job!

Holiday In the Park Just like in CGA, the games were rethemed to Christmas and snow. It's a snowflake race!

Holiday In the Park One of my favorite parts about HitP is all of the Smores pits around the park and the amazing smell they add to the park

But the best part of the event by far is the photo op near Sea Lion Stadium

Holiday In the Park You can get your picture taken with a penguin!!!

Holiday In the Park The keepers had to reorient him to look at the camera every shot but he did a good job regardless!

And now for some random shots of the beautiful decorations around the park.

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Holiday In the Park

Sidewinder Safari

Sidewinder Safari

Some interesting work over at the SS site. There are some sort of blue supports over at the site. The coaster itself is supposed to be yellow and green so I don't think that this is pieces from the coaster but I also can't think of any coasters or rides that feature this type of support that this might be leftover from. Maybe it's some hidden or buried support for SS?

Sidewinder Safari Here is the support at the site

Sidewinder Safari

Sidewinder Safari A little closer

There's also something covered with tarp. Maybe a small segment of track?

Sidewinder Safari I wonder what the tarp is covering

Sidewinder Safari And finally an orange barrier guards the site

General Updates

SFDK Updates

And finally some general park updates.

SFDK Updates The solar panels in the parking lot are all done. It's awesome both that the park is using renewable energy but also that my car will have shade on hot summer days!

SFDK Updates SFDK ride opening boards are always questionable. Medusa was open just fine today

SFDK Updates Batman looks great

SFDK Updates And the entrance plaza with Superman, Wonder Woman and Joker on your left and Medusa and Cobra on your right always gets me excited for the park!

SFDK Updates The butterfly exhibit was closed today

SFDK Updates I've never noticed this sign before between the butterflies and Tava's Jungleland. Kinda cool!

SFDK Updates The animals in the nursery today was a bat...

SFDK Updates And a couple of tortoises

SFDK Updates I don't think I've ever seen Boomerang have a line. Which is odd because it wasn't a busy day at all.

SFDK Updates Tazmanian Devil remains closed

SFDK Updates But at least it's all put together

SFDK Updates We reported last month about the Pacific Rim 5D signage resurfacing. Well it's still there but the sign for the theater is gone now so I'm pretty confident that this is still spring cleaning. Here's hoping I'm wrong though!

SFDK Updates Hey look, it's an old school V2 sign!

SFDK Updates HQ was down again today

SFDK Updates But Joker was running better than I think I've ever ridden!

SFDK Updates And I like the funhouse lights on the station

Overall, it was a great day at SFDK! I'm looking forward to getting out to the park again in a couple of weeks where hopefully I can get some shots of the lights at night!