Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update - December 17th, 2021

Crazy Ride Deconstruction & Holiday in the Park

It's been a while, hasn't it? For a handful of reasons, I haven't been to SFDK in about 4 months but I finally made it back and I was blown away with how much it changed. Without further ado, let's start this very big update from SFDK!

Ride Removals

The biggest surprises in my visit to SFDK was undoubtedly the many ride removals happening all around the park. I've covered the many SBNO rides at the park in past updates and it seems like the park finally decided to do something about them.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Walking up to the park, there was one very big thing missing

Harley Quinn Crazy to see the ride completely gone

Harley Quinn Cranes have made quick work of the ride and the queue area

Harley Quinn Lots of scrap still sitting around

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Leaving a nice little plot of land

Harley Quinn The entrance is completely gone. I saw one of the chemical container themeing elements behind Joker

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn


Voodoo Moving over to the back of the park where Voodoo, the old Huss Top Spin used to sit SBNO for years

Voodoo Key work being used to. The ride is no longer there

Voodoo The hole where the ride used to sit is full of water for now

Voodoo But with the removal of the Sky Coaster, it could open up a nice little plot of land, especially if the Safari Grill is also removed

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil Tasmanian Devil, a Huss Frisbee ride, also got removed

Tasmanian Devil In addition to the ride the entrance sign has been removed

Tasmanian Devil With a sign up saying that the area will be redeveloped

Tasmanian Devil The ride has been completely removed and the result is an empty field

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

It's really good to see the park removing the old SBNO rides. Some of these removals also offer the park some extra room for future expansion. I don't have any idea for what is in the cards for SFDK in the future or how COVID has affected future investment but I look forward to seeing what the park does!

Sidewinder Safari

Sidewinder Safari First, Sidewinder Safari signage is back up around the park!

Sidewinder Safari Both big and little signage

Sidewinder Safari Lots of movement around the site too! Lots of construction equipment

Sidewinder Safari Interestingly, the banner that used to be at the site still is down

Sidewinder Safari The site has been cleared and flags are up. Glad to see that this ride is back on track and I'll keep following along as the ride starts to go vertical next year!

Holiday in the Park

Holiday in the Park Glad to see a full fledged Holiday in the Park back this year! Let's walk through some of the features of this year's HitP

Victorian Christmas Village

Holiday in the Park The first new HitP feature this year is the Victorian Christmas Village

Holiday in the Park Like in events past, the front plaza features some shops

Holiday in the Park They continued towards the bumper cars

Holiday in the Park and Hammerhead

Holiday in the Park And even past the food area. So many more this year!

Holiday in the Park They were also set up in the plaza under Toyota Stadium

General HitP

Holiday in the Park Smores stations are back this year

Holiday in the Park In addition to the usual animal shows for the holidays, SFDK had a sword swallower and juggler perform on the stage at the entry plaza

Holiday in the Park Pictures with the penguins are back!

Holiday in the Park The penguin was in a little plastic cage this time around

Holiday in the Park A little live music gets played in the plaza near the penguin

Holiday in the Park Santa's Workshop again allows kids to meet Santa

Holiday in the Park The walk from the food area to the back of the park is decorated with signs with information about holidays around the world

Holiday in the Park "Snow" falls in the park near the entrance to White Water Safari

Holiday in the Park This year brings back several of the walkaround characters, like this character near White Water Safari

Holiday in the Park This reindeer at the front of the park

Holiday in the Park Or this character near the candy cane walkway

Holiday in the Park Christmas Tree Forest returns as well

Holiday in the Park I love the way the area looks at night

Holiday in the Park The toy area near Medusa returns

Holiday in the Park Plenty of picture opportunities around the park

Holiday in the Park The food court was well decorated with lights as always

Holiday in the Park The event runs until January 2nd so if you're interested, make sure you make it out!

General Updates

General Updates I love to see the park entrance sign decorated for the Holidays

General Updates Walls are up in the tent near the food court area

General Updates In 3 years coming to the park, this is the first time I've seen Macho Nacho open

General Updates They're pouring a new concrete exit path at the butterfly exhibit

General Updates After seeing all of the ride removals, it was surprising to see the Pacific Rim theater still up, or at least the sign still is

General Updates I've never seen ads covering the water rides station over the winter

General Updates The tables by Joker are back thankfully!

General Updates Flash remains closed. Hopefully it'll be open more consistently next year

Animals and Rides

We'll wrap this update up like we usually do, with some animal and ride pictures!

Animals and Rides Giraffes were out and feeding again

Animals and Rides Their tongues always make me laugh

Animals and Rides The lions were out and pacing a lot more than normal today! They really are some majestic animals

Animals and Rides Apart from Joker, most rides were a walk on. Wonder Woman had plenty of empty seats per cycle

Animals and Rides Batman always is a good looking ride

Animals and Rides It's really rare to see Superman as a walkon but it was today!

And that'll wrap up our update for today! It was such a crazy visit with all of the rides being removed and with construction resuming on Sidewinder Safari. But a good visit of course! I'm planning on being back to SFDK much sooner than my previous visit. I'll keep you up to date on how everything goes!