Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster

A dueling, inverting roller coaster


This one of a kind coaster will take you head over heels more times than you can keep track! Buckle into one of a pair of trains that duel as they flip through the figure 8 track. This coaster is as crazy as Harley Quinn!

Intensity Guide

Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster Intensity

Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster gets a 3.5/5 intensity. Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster is a continuous set of dive loop inversions. These are taken at a range of slow to moderate speeds that prevent them from ever becoming too intense, instead delivering plenty of the less intense sensation of hangtime. Although this ride might look more intense, it is less so than a ride like Batman: The Ride.


Height: 62 ft
Speed: 35 mph
Length: 360 ft
Inversions: 2
Manufacturer: Skyline Attractions
Opening Date: 8/3/2018


  • Located in the DC Universe section of the park
  • There is some debate whether this is a coaster or not. The consensus is yes, it is since the top of the loops aren't powered (unlike a Super Loop) which makes the coaster a launched coaster
  • First of its kind ride model and currently the only one operating